Ontario Knife Company unveils retractable bayonet


Bayonets have been around since a 17th century soldier in Bayonne, France thought, “Hey, how about we turn those muskets into spears that can also fire bullets?” But even though the most recent bayonet charge in military history that was a little over a decade agoThe practical use of bayonets is pretty much always questioned in a modern combat ecosystem defined by drones, precision-guided munitions, and high-tech optics. Military historians even argue that bayonets have become largely obsolete with the widespread proliferation of the machine gun during the First World War.

Apparently, the folks at the Ontario Knife Company don’t agree with this sentiment, as not only are they the primary supplier of the Marine Corps bayonet, but they also recently revealed, well, this masterpiece work: front, single action, super-steel, bayonet grinding, bayonet mounted on Picatinny rail.

Ontario Knife Company Retractable Bayonet (Ontario Knife Company)

“OKC has been manufacturing high quality bayonets for the U.S. military for decades, and this new retractable bayonet design is unlike anything we’ve ever created before,” said Kenneth Trbovich, President and CEO of the Ontario Knife Company, in a declaration surrounding the release of the new bayonet in early July. “With its unique retractable feature, premium materials used, and the ability to easily mount to your AR or any Picatinny rail system, this is truly a multi-functional blade and we are excited to launch it on the civil market. “

The idea of ​​a retractable bayonet is not necessarily new, with the first US patent filed in the early 20th century. Hell, the Chinese Type 56 was famous with a integrated folding tip bayonet this sets it apart from almost all other Kalashnikov variants. As recently as the 2018 SHOT Show, Massachusetts-based Paper City Firearms posted a 4 pound tubular bayonet:

But the OKC retractable bayonet is quite another thing. Gone are the carbon steel bayonets that lose their advantage only due to atmospheric factors? Well don’t worry this thing is made from S35VN. You don’t have a bayonet attachment on your rifle because it dates from this decade between 1994 and 2004 when President Bill Clinton’s assault weapons ban was in effect, or you just want to attach your bayonet to a pistol? This thing mounts to any Picatinny style accessory rail. Don’t feel like carrying an entire knife in a scabbard? This thing is a real blue single action switch. Worried that the knife actions up front are notoriously weak and probably not the best for stabbing hard at the end of your barrel? Two words: Switchblade. Bayonet. This thing apparently solves all problems except world hunger and the series finale of Game of thrones.

But there is still the burning question: Why?

The Ontario Knife Company's Retractable Bayonet is the most ridiculous rifle accessory we've ever seen
An image of a 1942 US patent for a retractable bayonet. (US Patent Office)

When I first saw the press footage regarding the OKC Retractable Bayonet, my first thought was that this was one of those April Fool’s Day gags that gunmakers will release every year, like Hi-Point firearms. YC9 “Yeet Cannon” which again did not come out. So I emailed OKC and thought, “Dear Ontario Knife Company, explain. V / R Matt Sampson “because I was sure it was kind of a joke. It wasn’t: an OKC marketing rep replied that it was” a real product, but that it has not yet been published ”.

If you are one of those people who thinks the retractable bayonet is a good practical idea, buckle up, because without ever having met you, I am going to speculate what kind of person you are and what kind of products you would buy.

This bayonet appears to be something that came out of the same school of thought that graced the gun community with the Hand knife, the Blunt Force pistol bayonet, or the gift to every immediate action exercise that is hitting your magazine’s baseplate, the Manly Innovations (yes, really) Store Base Exchange System, or MBX.

The Ontario Knife Company's Retractable Bayonet is the most ridiculous rifle accessory we've ever seen
The Basic Magazine Exchange System. (Manly innovations)

If you’ve just googled any of these things and thought ‘hey, that sounds like a good idea‘ then maybe this retractable bayonet is for you. Maybe you are the type of person who thinks of Marcus Fenix Gear of war was onto something with her fashion choices and in her choice of attachments for her Lancer.

In fact, the retractable bayonet appears to be a decade too late for the the craze for the “zombie apocalypse” of the early 2010s, or maybe even 20 years too late for the early 2000s video game gun design trend of having everything the most ‘extreme’ thing possible chambered in 25 plutonium hollow tips. mm.

Since I now have such a clear buyer’s picture for something like the retractable bayonet, let’s talk about which real rifle would be most suitable for this. It probably looks like ridiculous rifle design in the latest Chris Pratt vehicle, The war of tomorrow, where someone decided that the best thing to pair with a 7 inch gun was an ACOG. The rifle is probably an airsoft replica since I’m going to assume you either have the common sense or the lack of money not to register an SBR that looks like this abomination and so we’re going to put an orange tip on the barrel. You probably spent all your money on HERA furniture and some kind of battery charger because you saw the 60-round MA5B assault rifle count in Halo and thought “fuck I want it”, so here is your Magpul D60. Because you’ve spent all your money on battery chargers and mall ninja furniture, even Holosun optics are out of the question, so NCStar and Sightmark are right now. But hey, at least you have to slap a Punisher skull on your receiver because nothing says “Punisher skulls are always cool” like a switchblade bayonet.

Here is. As you can see, graphics are my passion.

The Ontario Knife Company's Retractable Bayonet is the most ridiculous rifle accessory we've ever seen

All of that said, I think the part of all this retractable bayonet that really surprises me is that it comes from the Ontario Knife Company from all places. OKC is generally an understated, conservative, and almost boring knife maker that makes serious tool knives. This is something I would expect from SOG, or maybe Cold Steel. But as we saw a few weeks ago, other generally serious knife makers are now doing things just for fun like the so-called Space Force Ka-Bar, and it’s not something I can hate in the concept.

I don’t know how much it’s going to cost, but honestly the retractable bayonet is something that’s so crazy, so stupid, so “brother, why did you do that”, that if you want to buy one just for fun, I would say go for it. We only have one request: if you end up spending a lot of money for this thing, drop us a note and let us know how it handles.

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