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1: University 4-1

2: Kenston 3-0

3: Riverside 1-1-1

4: Mentor 2-1

5: Harvey 4-1

6: Catholic Lake 2-1-1

7: Sorrow Falls 2-1

8: Beachwood 2-0-1

9: Thistle 2-0

10: Gilmour 3-1

Watchlist: South (2-1), Wickliffe (2-1), Kirtland (2-1), Hawken (1-2)

Reframe comments: As usual, the first Crop is throwing darts. Need more complexion. … The university deserves the right, as a returning Division I regional qualifying team that went 15-3-2 a year ago, to start No. 1. Certainly a 4-2 loss to North Canton Hoover resulted in a nightmarish second half. But with head-to-head victories over Crop’s top four sides Riverside and Mentor, plus much of 2021’s hard core, USA deserves the top spot until proven otherwise. … Kenston is in form, with a trio of 3-0 wins over Canfield, Chagrin Falls and Aurora. If the Preppers fall short, the Bombers are there to swoop for No. 1. … Riverside showed plenty with a competitive 2-1 Friday Night Futbol loss to the United States. It will come, of course, but it would be nice to see more match volume to get a better read. … This No. 4-6 debate between Mentor, Harvey and Lake Catholic is close. It will be better soon. … Culture staples Chagrin Falls and Beachwood return, face off Sept. 1 and could jump if a team wavers above them. … Going Chardon and Gilmour to complete is just a hunch. … The usual caveat remains: The Crop can – and will – change as more head-to-head results come into play.

To note: Matches considered until August 29.

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