New Book Offers a Fictional Account of Life Off the Grid, Plus a Non-Fictional Survival Guide to Emergency Preparedness

“Dr. Kimberly Hubenette’s exciting new book, GRID: Once in a Lifetime, You Get to Start Over, is not only an engaging read of fiction, it also contains an emergency preparedness survival guide for live in the wild and is popular with preppers and fans of fiction.”

Dr. Kimberly Hubenette’s exciting new book, GRID: Once in a Lifetime, You Get to Start Over, is not only gripping fictional reading, it also contains an emergency preparedness survival guide for living in nature and is appreciated by preparers and lovers of fiction. look alike.

What happens when you survive the worst day of your life? Sophia woke up one morning with her house in flames and her life as she knew it changed forever.

His soul mate was gone, and all he had left were letters and clues from him urging him to never stop growing, to never forget the lessons he had taught him about life in the desert. An extraordinary story about learning to live again with the most basic supplies and a desire to prove to herself that she can survive on her own. Already an Amazon bestseller, GRID is available at,,, and wherever books are sold in hardcover, paperback and eBook versions. Posted by Michael D. Butler, CEO of Dallas-based Beyond Publishing, says, “Based on the traction of print books that are beautifully illustrated and full-color for both e-book and hardcover, we are thrilled to announce the audiobook launching in early 2023. It’s a great buy for book lovers with the holidays just around the corner.

Dr. Hubenette recently did book signings and interviews on GRID, and the feedback is very positive.

MarcVictor Hansen, NYT bestselling author Chicken soup for the soul, said, “GRID is a remarkable story of self-discovery and the search for purpose. It’s a daring adventure of life after love and finding meaning in the crevices of our humanity.

Muyang Butler, the best-selling author of Immigrant, says, “This is a touching story about a woman’s life journey of determination and survival; pick up the pieces after her husband’s death.

Dr Hubenette says: ‘Mark was the name of my husband and my soul mate, he inspired this book, he had a rare condition which took him out early, but I cherish every moment we spent together. He taught me to be strong and to survive off the grid, he lives with me in the pages of this book.

Dr. Hubenette is hosting media interviews and talks for 2023 and can be contacted for guest appearances, a panelist contributor and workshop on the topics of grief, resilience and starting over.

Its motto is: Live, Love, Survive, Prosper!

“My stories are written to inspire the soul, strengthen the will, but above all to give you hope for the future. Whether it’s health, education or self-improvement. Let my story and my passion to inspire you to the next level!” concludes Dr Hubenette.

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