Neuro Parasite Turns Dead Insect Into Walking Zombie, Scary Video Goes Viral

Is a zombie apocalypse even possible? While the debate about the dead coming back to life to eat people can be endless, a video about the existence of a neuroparasite taking over the brain has sent chills down the spine of netizens. On Tuesday, October 18, it was Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Dr Samrat Gowda who took to Twitter to share a glimpse of a dead insect walking like a zombie, leaving many horrified. According to the officer, the insect was able to walk because its brain was taken over by a neuroparasite.

In the clip, the insect, whose body has been completely dissected, can still be seen walking across what appears to be a field of grass. While explaining the reason for the bizarre behavior, the IAS agent said, “Do you know? according to scientists, a neuroparasite has taken over the brain of this dead insect and is making it work… Zombie. Take a look at the video below:

Video of the insect’s creepy walk has gone viral on the internet. Within two days, the short clip amassed over a million views and over 26,000 likes on Twitter. Many users responded to the clip with chilling comments. One asked, “OMG. Does this happen to humans too?

Another said: “That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Another asked: ‘Is this real? Incredible and scary too!

Meanwhile, one user joked, “Bro the bug is like: Oh you thought I was done? Nah”

If an apocalyptic virus hits Earth, the possibility of mass casualties is high, but can it create zombies? According to Woderopolis, the chances of a zombie apocalypse are highly unlikely.

But if this happens, will humans be able to survive the consequences?

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