Movies like Gerald’s Game That Will Delight Any Horror Fan

Perhaps you walked away from “Gerald’s Game” in awe of lead performances by Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood. Maybe the creativity of the film’s small scope really did it for you. But if Jessie’s ingenuity was what put “Gerald’s Game” into the stratosphere for you, then you have to check out “10 Cloverfield Lane.”

This sci-fi survival horror film produced by JJ Abrams follows Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a young woman who returns after a traffic accident and finds herself in a stark underground bunker. With her leg out of commission, Michelle must balance her instinct to flee with the impassioned warnings of her overbearing savior, Howard Stambler (John Goodman), who insists there is no way she can leave because the air outside is toxic. .

All told, it’s a daunting challenge to navigate his way out of his rescuer’s thumb while factoring in whether or not he’s lying about the outside world being dangerous. It’s a secret sequel to “Cloverfield” after all. From finding a way out of the underground fortress to building a hazmat suit on the fly, Michelle’s quick wit and persistence make for an exciting and nerve-wracking watch.

Director Dan Trachtenberg’s feature debut, “10 Cloverfield Lane” is a clever, well-crafted, economically told story of a super-powered woman who overcomes obstacles. Come for the suspense, stay for the character of Mary Elizabeth WInstead, use her fashion designer skills to craft a gas mask.

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