Morakniv Kansbol Fixed Blade Knife Review – It’s a good knife. Buy it. You know you want it.

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EXAM- The Morakniv Kansbol is a lightweight fixed blade knife from the Morakniv Bushcraft and Survival series. I think it would be a great companion for camping and hunting trips that won’t weigh you down.

What is that?

The Morakniv Kansbol is a simple, no-frills bushcraft knife that gets the job done.

What’s in the box?

• Fixed blade Morakniv Kansbol
• Sheath
• Attachment of the belt loop sheath

Hardware specifications

• Blade length: 109 mm – 4.3 inches
• Blade thickness: 2.5 mm – 3/32 in.
• Knife length: 226 mm – 8.9 in
• Total length: 250 mm – 9.9 inches
• Net Weight: 134.0g – 4.7oz
• Type of steel: stainless steel
• Blade shape: straight
• Fire Steel Compatible: Yes
• Flexible grade: rigid
• Handle material: TPE rubber
• Right-handed: left-handed, right-handed
• Edge protection: polymer sheath
• Duct orientation: left, right Design and characteristics

Design and features

The Morakniv Kansbol is packaged in an easy to open box, so no need for another knife to extract it. I can, however, suggest other Morakniv blade designs that you may want to add to your collection, such as the Eldris Light Duty and Garberg. You can NEVER have too many knives, despite what my wife says.

The Morakniv Kansbol fixed blade knife is noted as Swedish stainless steel. Morakniv uses two different types of recycled stainless steel, 12C27 and 14C28N. I don’t know which of the two is used in the Morakniv Kansbol but as long as it sharpens easily and holds a cutting edge, I’m happy. This knife makes me happy.

The Morakniv Kansbol fixed blade knife arrived razor sharp and ready for action. Now, for knife nerds, and I consider myself part of that group, the blade is not highly polished, tumbled, or hand-sanded. The factory edge is unpolished, you can see the grinding marks, but that’s not the purpose of this knife. It’s about doing a task well without worrying about damaging it beyond repair.

I immediately put on the Morakniv Kansbol with the sheath on my belt and started wearing it. It is extremely light. So much so that I forgot I had it on and accidentally took it shopping at the local grocery store. If anyone noticed, he didn’t say anything. I guess they just associated me with the infamous Florida Man. The belt loop attachment is pretty cool in that it is compatible with other knives in the Morakniv range that use the same type of sheath.

The handle of the Morakniv Kansbol fixed blade knife is made of polymer plastic with a diamond pattern and wrapped with a TPE rubber on the edges. I found it comfortable and grippy during use. It’s a four-finger grip for me, allowing for a good grip. The knife is not full tang. Coupled with the polymer handle, it makes it a very light knife.

I first tried the Kansbol in the kitchen for slicing vegetables and separating chicken wings and thigh quarters. I must say it worked extremely well and still maintained a very clean edge. I’m not saying it will replace your chef’s knife in the kitchen, the shape of the blade is not conducive to quick slicing of vegetables, but it should be great for camping, hunting or fishing. Here is a photo of thin slices of an unripe orange that I picked. This is after I abused Kansbol.

I abused the Morakniv Kansbol fixed blade knife again by hacking a dried branch of crape myrtle. It was about 1 ½” thick. I admit it wasn’t an easy task and I didn’t cut all the way through. It would have done, but being so light I have some had enough of swinging.

I made a small dent in the blade doing this test. It was still extremely sharp. I ran the Kansbol over a fine stone and sharpened it to make it perfectly sharp. The notch does not inhibit the performance of the knife. I mean look at it, it’s tiny and I’m sure after a few more sharpenings it will disappear.

Morakniv suggests cleaning the knife after each use to prevent staining, which is good practice for all knives. Remember that stainless steel will stain. Stainless steel means it stains LESS than other steels.

The Morakniv Kansbol won’t win any beauty contests over custom knives or those using exotic steels and handle materials. It’s not supposed to. Morakniv knives are designed to be used for little money. I found the quality of Kansbol to be impressive and it is only $41.99 on the website of Industrial Revolution, the supplier of this sample.

What I like

  • Stainless steel
  • hold an edge
  • Easily sharpened
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Robust
  • Lifetime warranty

What I would change

Final Thoughts

The Morakniv Kansbol fixed blade knife makes me happy and why not. It’s comfortable to use, it stands up to some abuse, and it’s easy to restore the blade’s sharpness. I paid more money for a fixed blade which I can’t say that about. Take one. Throw it in your bug out bag, toolbox, glove compartment, boat or anywhere you might need something more than a pocket knife. I don’t think you will regret it.

Price: $41.99
Or buy: Industrial Revolution and Amazon
Source: The review sample was provided by Industrial Revolution

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