Meet the Christmas preparers who have already erected their trees

Get ready early (Photos: Brady / Emma / Carl)

When are you allowed to mention the “C word”? Where to plant the Christmas tree?

For many, even to think of garlands or tarts so early in the year would be outrageous. But for some, when it comes to getting into the festive spirit, the sooner the better.

Britney Spears, for example, once launched her beautiful Christmas tree on Instagram, claiming that “any reason to find joy in life is a good idea.”

Even before Halloween hit, we also got our very first Christmas commercial, courtesy of Very.

Some families see holiday preparation as a way to save money, while others see it as a kind of military operation, ensuring there is no shortage or oversight when the big day is coming.

And maybe this year is a great time to get a little more organized – supermarkets have already opened up their Christmas food to order slots, and amid an ongoing fuel shortage and threat of strike action. trucks, there are fears that more delays are looming.

However, among all kinds of reasonable reasons, there are those who love Christmas and will do whatever it takes to capture all the festive sensations.

From buying boxing gifts on Boxing Day to decorating trees in October, there’s no way these pickers wait until December 1 to start.

Here they tell how they are preparing for this momentous event:

A family of preparers

Christmas preparations

Brady and his family last Christmas (Photo: Brady)

Brady, 29, from Upminster, Essex, comes from a family of early Christmas pickers. It’s his favorite time of year.

She started her Christmas shopping in June of this year, but has been planning her day since January using her Christmas planner in which she jots down gift ideas, home decor inspirations and recipes.

For the cakes she will be making closer to the weather, she started soaking fruit for them this summer.

As for the meat, she already has her turkey in the freezer and has her beef for Christmas Eve.

“My mom is the Christmas queen and has always been a preparer,” she says. “I’ve, I guess, always been a prepper because of her.

“As my family has grown in recent years, I have started to prepare even more in advance. I would say I really start my Christmas planning from January.

“Whenever I see Christmas pieces, I usually take something and put it where it can’t be eaten before Christmas.

“I will keep an eye on sales, discount codes, discounts, Clubcard offers as well as the use of cashback sites like TopCashback.”

Christmas preparations

Preparing Brady’s Early Christmas Food and Decor (Photo: Brady White)

It is important for Brady to spread the costs over the year, as it is to mitigate potentially anxiety-provoking situations.

“As an anxious person, planning ahead helps me keep my stress levels low and allows me to enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about shopping and fighting the crowds,” he says. she.

“I know some people really don’t like to talk about Christmas until the end of November, but for me the Christmas playlist starts on November 1 and the decorations are ready soon after.”

Brady has been concerned about the prospect of another foreclosure and potential shortages, which has also been a motivation to move forward this year.

“Last year we had everything we needed in October and given our last minute lockdown we were right to prepare,” she adds.

“We were able to take the stress out of helping friends who needed help instead,” she explains, adding that she and her partner helped two friends who are frontline workers. to get the things they needed.

“By November of this year, I’ll be done with my Christmas shopping and can just enjoy the season and activities like baking and ice skating. “

It also has a dedicated Christmas pot, in which money is added each month.

Shopping for grandma

Christmas preparations

Emma receives Christmas presents for the following year on Boxing Day to make the most of the sales (Photo: Emma Roberts)

Emma, ​​27, has been organizing months in advance for 15 years for the benefit of her 82-year-old grandmother, Valérie.

Their tradition begins on Boxing Day, when they buy gifts for the family for the following year.

“Nan and Grandpa have a lot of people to buy from,” Emma says, “so a good deal or even a small discount can be very useful when buying gifts for three children, seven grandchildren and the rest. halves.

“It has to be done online because the thought of rushing out Boxing Day and crowds deters us from physically shopping Boxing Day sales in person.

“It’s a lot more fun from the comfort of the sofa with a glass of Baileys in hand.

Christmas preparations

Their tradition allows them to save money and spend time together (Photo: Emma Roberts)

“We are saving most of it for the next Christmas and by then I forgot what we ordered for me!

“We keep everything stored in my Nan’s friend room, we don’t see this rug often throughout the year.”

Meanwhile, Valerie will be fully stocked with wine, prosecco and spirits for the big day, and she is freezing the meats ready for Christmas Day.

“I think for both of us most of the time it’s the love of being together, shopping together and going out too,” she says. “We don’t live five minutes apart anymore, so a full day of shopping together, even online, is what we both like to do best.

‘It makes me feel like I suddenly won the lottery, I have a newfound power when I go wild with my Nans credit card (she signs all purchases in advance of course) it’s so more fun to spend your money rather than mine.

“For Nan, she is happy that we got the ball rolling and happy to be organized for the following year, which saves a job throughout the year,” adds Emma.

The tree is already standing

carl brookes

Carl and his partner have already set up their tree and decorations (Photo: Carl Brookes)

While the trees outside are just dropping their leaves, some Brits have already put their Christmas trees inside.

Carl, 31, who lives in Northern Ireland, has almost all of his gifts bought and wrapped under the tree.

He has a tradition of assembling his Christmas tree at the same time each year.

“My tree goes up every year on the weekend of October 10, so every time that weekend is.

“It takes me two full days to finish decorating my apartment because I have a 10 foot tree – climbing it alone and the fluff can take up to three hours.

“I get organized really early because I’ve worked in retail all my life and it’s always getting busier each time, and some places I’ve seen have raised the prices, so I shop early to save. “

carl tree

Carl’s tree is always ready in October (Photo: Carl Brookes)

carl's living room

Take out the decorations (Photo: Carl Brookes)

Molly, a 21-year-old from Durham, has also already raised her tree and bought gifts.

She starts the celebrations even earlier, as early as September, saying she’s even turned on by it in the summer.

“I celebrate Christmas from September until Christmas Day, it’s really the best time of the year. I started celebrating very early about five years ago when I moved into my own home.

“That’s what makes me happy so why not?” “

Her one-year-old son loves the lights in the house, so it’s very special this year.

molly's living room

Molly has the tree and decorations around the house (Photo: Molly)

molly's gifts

And secure gifts too (Photo: Molly)

“I tend to buy food like beef gravy, turkey gravy, goose fat as soon as it hits the stores.

“Plus, I love to give my family great gifts that don’t come cheap, so I give myself enough time to make it so special for the family and my son. “

She believes delaying the celebration until December means the season is passing too quickly.

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