‘Mass Effect’ to become TV series on Amazon

Amazon Studios plans to adapt best-selling video game franchise Mass Effect in a series. As reported by Deadline, Amazon Studios Director Jennifer Salke said the company is in the process of making a deal with Electronic Arts to secure the rights to Mass Effect.

Developed by BioWare, Mass Effect is a sci-fi RPG game that allows players to solve ancient mysteries as Commander Shepard. A race of sentient machines known as the Reapers threaten to destroy all life. Begun in 2007, Mass Effect has since amassed a huge fan base over the course of its game trilogy – including a spin-off, Mass Effect: Andromeda, in 2017.

This move by Amazon Studios is indicative of the company’s recent focus on the fantasy genre. According to Salke, the new fantasy series from Amazon The wheel of time had the biggest premiere on the platform to date. “You will see us continue to invest in fantasy genre of all kinds, we have a genre-focused team on the ground in the studios that works tirelessly with our creative partners on these rosters, and you can expect more,” Salke said in a statement.

Deadline also shared a recent report from Parrot Analytics, revealing that The wheel of time exceeded the fantastic rate in the pre-release request. Namely, it exceeded that of Netflix The witcher, which also started as a successful video game franchise. Therefore, it makes sense that Amazon wants to invest more in stories and concepts with fantastic otherworldly elements. Mass Effect offers plenty of dynamic characters, settings and narratives to adapt to the small screen.

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