Man pays Rs 12 lakh to loan sharks while repaying to instant loan app

Mira Bhayandar: A 43-year-old Mira Road customer service manager who works for a construction company in Palghar district paid a whopping Rs 12 lakh after being caught in a cycle of an instant loan app as loan sharks allegedly blackmailed him.

As per the complaint filed, he downloaded an aggregator app which, after collecting Aadhar, PAN and bank details, redirected him to other links to process the instant loan requests.

Apart from providing the documents and details, the complainant appears to have given access to his photo gallery and telephone contact list. Initially, small amounts were sanctioned as loans and credited to his bank account with a seven-day grace period for repayment. The complainant took out loans on several occasions and repaid them on time.

The problems began when the lenders credited the complainant’s account without his consent and then abused, harassed and threatened him and his family members through various call centers in order to extort money under the guise of huge interest and processing fees.

The applicant’s wife received a message threatening to alter her photos

The applicant’s wife also received a message threatening that distorted photographs of the debtor and his family members would be circulated, accusing them of being cheated if they did not pay the money. The threats forced the complainant to remit more Rs. 12,23,888 online to various accounts. When the calls demanding more money nevertheless increased, the complainant reported the matter to the cyber cell for help.

A criminal offense has been registered at Mira Road Police Station against the yet-to-be-identified cyber scammers under the relevant sections of the IPC and Information Technology Act. Further investigations are in progress.

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