Man, 24, hangs himself after taking 6,000 rupees from instant microcredit app The New Indian Express

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HYDERABAD: S Ramesh, a 24-year-old youth who worked as a teacher at a private school in the city, died by suicide. He was found hanged in his rented room late Friday night. While the reason for the suicide is not clear, police, who have found that Ramesh had recently taken out a Rs 6,000 loan from an instant microcredit app, are also investigating whether he died due to harassment from the organisers the loan app took the extreme step. It should be noted that in 2020 and 2021 at least 10 people across Telangana died by suicide because they were harassed by credit app organizers.

According to police, Ramesh, who is from Warangal, has been working in the city for over a year. He lived with a friend in a rented room. On Friday he was alone in the room. That evening, her homeowner came into her room for work, but found it locked from the inside. When there was no reply, he broke down the door and found Ramesh hanging inside.

The police found neither a suicide note nor any indication of the reason for the suicide. However, they checked his mobile phone and found that he had recently taken out a Rs 6,000 loan through an app. They found no evidence that he was molested.

“We are investigating this aspect and also suspect personal issues that could have forced him to take the extreme step,” Uppal police officials said.

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