Make emergency preparations or prepare for an adventure with these products


Think Tank Rotation Pro camera backpack.

As many News from Mother Earth Readers, we continue to expand our adaptive and resilience-building capacities on the farm and improve our emergency preparedness. We have doubled our freezing capacity for food storage and doubled our wood supply, just as national natural gas prices appear to be taking off.

Inflation appears to be anything but “transient” or “temporary”, despite messages from politicians. So we invested in Monroe Money for future local purchases, where we received a $ 20 bonus for every $ 100 invested; turns out, that’s a guaranteed 20 percent return. We’ve also stocked up on some groceries, like rice and coffee – as well as flour for our home food business under our state’s Cottage Food Act. Again, it looks like most of these items will be 5-20% more expensive in six months, assuming we can even find them on the shelves. And the next wave of covid-19 currently hitting Europe will likely hit the United States this winter, now that our borders are much more open to international travelers.

We have also invested in a few additional products that can make a difference in an emergency or if we need to hit the road for some reason, be it due to a crisis or for an outdoor adventure. After the assault on the nation’s Capitol and the Great Freeze in Texas that exposed the vulnerability of the power grid, anything seems possible, at least for my wife Lisa Kivirist and me. So we continue to prepare. The following list contains some new items that we have added to our stash.


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