‘Love, Death and Robots’ Volume 3 Episode 4: Night of the Mini Dead Ending Explained

Love, death and robots – Image. netflix

For those who are confused about the ending of the fourth episode of volume 3 of Love, Death and Robots then allow us to help you! We’ll also cover the remaining Love, Death, and Robots Volume 3 episodes, but here’s the Night of the Mini Dead ending explained.

The zombie apocalypse is set in a graveyard after a young couple’s heated exchange accidentally triggers a curse, giving birth to the undead.

The ending explained

A passionate graveyard adventure quickly leads to the zombie apocalypse, destroying everything from American suburban neighborhoods to the temples of Shaolin monks in the Chinese mountains. From a handful of zombies, to hordes, to variations of giant mutants, the undead army has pushed humanity to the brink of destruction, forcing the hand of the Kremlin and the White House to unleash all its nuclear arsenal on Earth. In the end, humanity’s time on Earth was a fart in the cosmic wind of the universe.

Why did the United States and Russia use nuclear weapons?

The White House was one of the last places on earth to fight the horde of the living dead, but was eventually overrun and in a state of panic the President decided to use the United States nuclear arsenal against the walking Dead. However, launching their nukes would have forced the hands of Russia, who in this mini-world launch their nukes in retaliation. Without hope for humanity, nuclear weapons will destroy almost everything in their path, including zombies.

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