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Deathloop is an action-adventure game in which the same day is repeated over and over again. Only this game is not your Vanilla Groundhog Day situation. This is the party version. The chaotic party version, devoid of morality, flamboyant, infused with adrenaline. Enthusiastic rock music continuously plays in the background as you dance through the puzzles of this eerie island. You have only one job: to break the loop.

Each morning the game begins with a groaning Colt, stranded against the shore of Blackreef Island. He’s the ex-chief of security in this strange place. For some unknown reason, we learn that Colt has turned on his colleagues. We understand that he can only stop the weird time loop if he can eliminate all eight of them in a single day.

However, chaos presents itself through our nemesis – Juliana, and the daily resets. Weapons disappear, enemies reappear, items are lost. We leave with knowledge and renewed hope. Juliana has the Colored Eternalists perpetually on high alert. As Colt, we must find the optimal combination of infused weapons, slabs for “special abilities” and choice of routes to traverse the regions of Blackreef. But when the process ends up getting frustrating, we can switch to multiplayer. Here we play for the other side as Juliana, for “Protect the Loop”. It’s a good way to get a feel for map routes and enemy locations. It is also generally fun to try to sabotage another player’s game.

Deathloop differentiates itself from the older Arkane games (I’m talking about Dishonored), by making guilt unnecessary. We only destroy to find things intact the next day. History and mechanics by nature encourage one to try new roads and techniques. It’s a tough climb, but I quickly felt comfortable taking liberties with the game. Around day 5, I found myself predicting enemy movements, sensor locations, and easily jumping through them. land. On day 10, I warn the wind and give up using the squat position. The risk is fun. Stealth is for the weak. The gun goes boom. D-15, and I’m generally more relaxed and fun in real life.

In its current version, the game is exclusive. It only plays on PS5 and PC; and you need a high end PC to make it work properly. Keep it on your wishlist for a year or two, for when it hits more platforms: it’s worth the wait. An infinite score for the game, so that even the endless looping days are always fresh.

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