Let’s find out who dies at the end of season 3?

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Anyone who loved “Lost” or loves shows with more twists and turns than a bag of pretzels will enjoy “Manifest”, a supernatural drama on NBC that’s great for anyone who loved “Lost” or anyone who loves shows with more twists than a bag of pretzels. Several passengers on an airline flight who disappeared and then reappeared without warning after five and a half years are at the center of the series. When the travelers of Flight 828 return, they begin to have visions and premonitions about the future, leading them to believe that their disappearance is the result of supernatural and potentially divine intervention. They are also trying to pick up where they left off almost six years ago in their personal lives.

In the climax of Season 3, the search for answers led to catastrophic ramifications for all characters. Michaela, a police officer, saved the life of Angelina, a Flight 828 passenger whose devout and overprotective parents had kept her locked up in their home for months. However, after Angelina was rescued, she became involved with a gang of doomsday plotters who began to believe that Ben was a herald of the end of the world. Angelina kidnapped Ben and Grace’s daughter, Eden, in the Season 3 finale, believing Eden to be her guardian angel. It was the most dramatic scene of the season. Then she stabbed Grace to death before fleeing with the baby in her arms.

Unfortunately for “Manifest” viewers, NBC has chosen to discontinue the series on June 14, 2021, effective immediately. There were several cliffhangers in Season 3, and it’s likely those cliffhangers will remain unresolved unless “Manifest” finds a new home on the small screen. As a result, some of the most pressing questions raised in the Season 3 finale may never be answered.

However, here’s what the rest of the Season 3 finale entails in terms of its real meaning.

The season 3 finale reveals to Ben what he’s really up against and who dies at the end of season 3?

There are two major developments in the Season 3 finale. The first is, of course, the death of Grace.

“Manifest” is a supernatural drama with many fantastical elements. Many people regard the unexplained disappearance and reappearance of Flight 828 as a religious event. Ben Stone, on the other hand, is a skeptical college professor and his search for answers is mostly scientific. For Ben, his wife’s death is a wake-up call that he’s facing forces (and people) far more dangerous than he thought.

Angelina, Grace’s killer, was another passenger on the plane. The plane’s passengers reacted differently to their ordeal, and Angelina became a religious bigot – partly because of her overprotective parents and partly because of the influence of other bigots she meets. Angelina is so certain Eden is her guardian angel that she’s willing to murder an innocent person to prove it.

“Manifest” creator Jeff Rake sold the show to NBC with strategies for six seasons already in place. Rake revealed to TV Line that he always wanted Grace to die at this point in the series. Grace’s death occurs exactly in the middle of the series. If “Manifest” continues, Grace’s death is likely to inspire Ben to adopt a more aggressive strategy for dealing with fanatics – and perhaps become a little bigoted in the process.

As if he didn’t have enough to worry about already.

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There is most likely a grand plan, but we may never know what it is.

The other major twist in the Season 3 finale is the second abrupt disappearance and reappearance of Ben’s son, Cal, which occurs twice in the same episode. In a nutshell, Ben was the leader of a survey team tasked with recovering the fin from Flight 828. Cal disappeared as soon as he reached the fin. Ben threw the wreckage into the ocean and Cal came out of nowhere, but this time as an adult.

Obviously, Ben’s tinkering with the wreckage of the plane aged Cal in some way, and that’s the most logical explanation. This would imply that the plane was supposed to be at the bottom of the ocean, which would imply that there is some type of divine purpose at work in this whole situation. So what is the plan exactly?

So, assuming there is a divine purpose in place, there are many questions that need to be answered. The cause of Flight 828’s disappearance remains a mystery, but the outcome is certain. So far, the most significant consequence of the return of Flight 828 has been the occurrence of premonitions in approximately 200 people. If there is a divine design, it is very likely that the plane crashed as a result of this plan.

Why the Earth needs nearly 200 prophets is less obvious. Most likely, however, it has something to do with the sectarian belief that Ben is a modern-day Noah. According to one version of the biblical tale, Noah was actually responsible for the great flood because he was disgusted with humanity. Due to time constraints, the show didn’t have time to explain why everyone sees premonitions or why Cal has aged. Although only a bigoted belief at the time, the possibility of impending Armageddon was introduced in Season 3, and it would be our best guess as to why Flight 828 went missing: granting the passengers of the prescient powers that they could use to save the world.

We’ll probably never know unless “Manifest” finds a new home on the big screen.

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