Ka-Bar Kaster – The best compact fishing wheel!

Morgan Snape 07.19.22

Ka-Bar Kaster – The best compact fishing wheel!

I’m always looking for compact fishing gear. I love standard rods and have even fished with a stick, but there was just something missing and I couldn’t find anything that really worked.

I used a telescopic pole once and not only were they so easy to break, but they were weak and some of them broke when I tried to pull a fish.

It just wasn’t a solid option for me. Maybe I just got faulty ones, I don’t know, but I wasn’t happy with those options.

On a walk the Ka-Bar Kaster!

First of all, the fact that a knife company like Ka-Bar has expanded into other outdoor gear like this fishing reel and even utensils, shows the commitments Ka-Bar has to its audience to provide equipment that matches their lifestyle and needs.

If you love the outdoors, you are familiar with Ka-Bar and its reputation for quality knives.

The Kaster is no different. The way they make their products is second to none. It is made from Ultramid (noted for its mechanical strength, rigidity and thermal stability) and weighs only 0.25 lbs.

Its use is extremely simple.

You can wrap 100 yards of 8lb yarn or 90 yards of 10lb yarn.

Simply remove the plastic clamp and start spooling the fishing line.

When you’re done, attach any hooks, weights, and bait you want.

At this point you can then tighten it until you are ready to fish or start fishing immediately.

It’s so easy to fish with it, I wasn’t sure it was going to be intuitive but all you have to do is hold the line with your finger, pull like you would with a fishing pull, then cast it forward and release the line, as you would with a normal fishing rod.

The line flies extremely far, of course it all depends on the wind and how hard you throw it, but I was surprised how far it can go.

To wrap the line, simply wrap the line around the caster.

Once you’re done, you can put the clamp back in place.

The Ka-Bar Kaster has a huge storage compartment. The top easily unscrews to reveal a huge storage compartment. I felt like I kept putting stuff in there and it never filled up!

It is an all-in-one setup. You don’t even necessarily have to carry an extra fishing kit, because thanks to the storage kit, you can potentially store everything inside and remove it when needed.

For $16 on Amazon, $19 on their website, you really can’t go wrong with this gear in your bug out bag, hiking gear, or regular daily use. It can even fit in your pocket! You’ll never know it’s even there because of its size and compactness.

I highly recommend adding the Ka-Bar Kaster to your rig!

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