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Chennai / UNI: The Central Crime Branch (CCB) of Tamil Nadu Police Department arrested four people, including two Chinese nationals, from Bengaluru in connection with an instant microcredit fraud carried out through multiple mobile phone apps.

Police sources said Saturday that those arrested were M.Xiao ya mau, 38, and M.Yuan Lun, 28, both Chinese nationals, and their collaborators, M.Pramoda, 28, and CRPavan, 27, from Karnataka .

They were arrested on a complaint from a Ganesan filing an FIR for abuse, intimidation and harassment by the online loan app companies for repayment at exorbitant interest rates.

The complainant downloaded the “M Rupee” app from the Google Play Store in order to obtain a loan of Rs 5,000 from the company. His pan card, aadhaar card, photo and other details were collected by the company and deposited in his account with 3,500 rupees, while 1,500 rupees were deducted from interest for a week. He was asked to repay the Rs 5,000 loan amount within a week and when it failed he was intimidated by the lender.

The CCB police registered one case and conducted a detailed investigation. The investigation found that more than 50 instant money lending apps were found on the Google Play Store, most of which worked from Bengaluru.

A special CCB team traveled to Bengalur and, during their investigation, found a call center called True Kindle Technology Private Limited, which employed around 110 people. It was owned by Pramoda and Pavan.

The duo ran a number of apps called My Cash, Aurora Loan, Quick Loan, D Money, Rapid Loan, Eazy Cash, New Rupee, Rupee Loan, etc. They offered instant loans to about 1 lakh individuals and charged huge interest rates and systematic abuse , Harassment, threats to defaulting persons from the call center.

Further investigation revealed that the call center was operated by Chinese nationals with the assistance of Pramoda and Pavan.

It was also revealed that another Chinese citizen named Hong was the head of the call center and was working from China.

On his instructions, the call center was managed by the four arrested.

Each call center employee must give instant loans to at least 10 people in one week, otherwise they will be sent out.

All four people were arrested by the special team and laptops, cell phones and documents were confiscated.

Police also identified a Nutham Ram as the developer of the cell phone apps.

Chennai Police Commissioner Mahesh Kumar Aggarwal congratulated and rewarded the police special team for arresting the gang.

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