Instant loan app operator booked for harassment, circulating altered image of woman

Taloja Police have filed a case against loan collectors over an instant loan application for allegedly molesting a 40-year-old Navi Mumbai woman by distributing her altered photos to her husband, daughter and relatives to extort money despite repaying the loan crowd .

The victim is a resident of Taloja and works for a real estate company.

On May 2, the victim’s wife received a message on her cell phone regarding an urgent loan facility from an app called Len-Den, Crazy Cash, and VS Enterprise. Needing money urgently, she took out a 7-day loan of 3600 rupees from one of the instant loan apps and the money was deposited into her bank account.

On May 9th, the woman repaid the loan of Rs. 9000 including principal of Rs. 3600 and Rs. 5400 interest for seven days on different Paytm accounts. After making all the payments, she received no message or call from the company.

On August 18, she received messages from several cellphone numbers asking that the borrowed money was due and that she should pay it. Since she hadn’t taken out any loans, she blocked all the numbers.

On the morning of August 23, she received another message with an edited nude photo of her face and was told Rs. 4000 otherwise the photo would be sent to her relatives and family. The same transformed photo was later sent to her husband, daughter and cousin.

She then contacted the Taloja police and filed a complaint. Meanwhile, Taloja Police registered a case under Sections 500 and 507 of the IPC and Sections 66(A) and 67 of the IT Act against unidentified persons and opened the investigation.

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