Indie game Longvinter turns Animal Crossing into a survival shooter

what if Animal crossing… had guns? Enter Longvinter.

Released in early access on Steam today, longvinter is a single and multiplayer simulation/survival game that has the cutesy aesthetic of games like animal crossing mixed with the ruthless survivalism of Rust. If someone watched the trailer video but skipped the first five seconds, they would be ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Here’s a preview of the game from its Steam page:

You have been tasked with traveling to the island of Longvinter to research everything that makes the island special. You begin your expedition at one of the many research camps around the island. Buy yourself tools, sell the resources you gather, and invest in new, more advanced equipment to compete with your fellow researchers.

Based on the trailer, you start the game from the docks and must gather resources from across the island to settle down. Similar to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you start the game by setting up a tent. As your cache of resources grows, you can eventually build yourself a nice house. You can farm, fish, cook and build, all to make your research time on this island more interesting.

Also similar to the last animal crossingyou can play longvinter with other people! However, they might try to kill you and steal your stuff. That’s right, while you can create allies and work together, you also have a fucking gun and may just lash out at an unfortunate loser who makes the mistake of crossing your path. Or, you know, you can just be nice. The choice is yours!

Picture: Uuvana Studios

When I played over 500 hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I had a good time. It was fun, cute and relaxing. On the other hand, I always felt like something was missing. Why couldn’t I keep this thing on me? Where’s the gun? Why can’t I go ‘brrrap-bap-bap’ and fly? longvinter looks like it’s going to fill that hole.

The game is made by Teo and Nilsson of Uuvana Studios, a small indie developer from Finland, and it’s a pretty nifty feat coming from a team of two. longvinter looks like a whole lot of fun and a beautifully weird twist on the adorable simulation game we know and love. If you want to check for yourself, it’s available in Early Access on Steam now.

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