If there’s a nuclear apocalypse in Yakima County, we’re screwed


If there’s a nuclear apocalypse in Washington State, let alone here in Yakima County, then we’re probably all screwed. I say this because I heard directly from Howard Ward, our Yakima County Emergency Management Operations Director, that there is a current RCW law in the Washington State Legislature that prevents the Director of emergency management having to provide evacuation plans in the event of an incident. nuclear apocalypse. I mean, yuck! It reminds me of all those crazy movies I’ve seen where there was an alien attack, a nuclear attack, a zombie apocalypse, or all three. When Mars Attacks, Independence Day, Godzilla, King Kong, The Purge, and The Walking Dead all come to mind. In these movies and TV shows, everyone in the city begins to run and fight for safety. Hey, wait a minute, how could I forget the most recent movie that didn’t feature an emergency escape plan: The Quiet Place and The Quiet Place 2. Have you seen them? AFRAID! Mr. Ward says there are several resources available to county residents in the event of an evacuation due to natural disasters. These include hazardous conditions resulting from earthquakes, forest fires or forest fires, etc. He said everyone should pack a “take out” bag full of emergency clothes, financial and identity documents important to you and all members of your household, and have enough water saved for 2 weeks. (1 gallon per day per household member, and yes, that’s a lot of water)! Sign up for the Yakima County Emergency Evacuation Alert System here. So I asked him what is Yakima County’s emergency evacuation plan for residents in the event of a nuclear apocalypse and where can we go underground for shelter? It was then that he told me that THERE IS NO PLAN!

In the event of widespread power outages during a public emergency, here are some TIPS you can USE

If we ever get an alien attack, we might just see weird and wild UFO sightings like these!

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