I was fired during lockdown – now I make a living scaring people with zombies

AN OIL WORKER fired during lockdown now makes a living scaring people with zombies.

Horror fan Laura Ripley, 33, has had to find a new source of income after being laid off due to Covid.


Laura now runs a zombie escape roomCredit: Newsline Media

She decided to follow her dreams and spent months building a unique zombie escape room.

Now, instead of sitting in a boring office, she sits in the dark and watches confused gamblers try to solve her puzzles.

Laura, from Aberdeen, said: ‘I had my old job for 14 years and absolutely hated it the whole time.

“Horror is my passion and I love escape rooms, so I wanted to see if I could do anything with it.

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“It’s definitely not a normal job and it was a bit risky, but I’m loving my new life.”

Laura used to be a buyer for oil companies, but when the pandemic hit she found herself without a job.

She set up as a freelancer working under an online contract, but wanted to see if she could create a successful escape room.

It’s set a decade after a zombie apocalypse and players must complete a series of tricky tasks to try and gain access to a vaccine.

Their only light comes from torches and fake candles. Laura sits in an adjoining room watching the action on her laptop.

She said: “I can’t turn the lights on because the players would see it.

“I have to look in the dark and give them clues or play things like zombie noises to scare them. It’s great to see this happening in real time.

Laura spent months designing the piece and building all the props from scratch.

She added: “It was weeks and weeks of work, but it’s nice to see people enjoying it.

“Almost every session people break something or walk away with something in their pockets, so I have to make sure I have tons of spares.”

Laura took two jobs in the oil industry but filled them because she loved working for herself so much.

The Zombie Escape Room only launched last week, but is proving popular with people of all ages.

Laura said: “My new life is ideal. For the first time, I now earn more money than in my old job. And I work a lot less.

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“I don’t do more than 20 hours a week.”

Laura’s Escape Room can be booked here.

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