How to turn off the profanity filter in Back 4 Blood


Back 4 Blood might be a brutal zombie killing experience, but it appeals to all kinds of players with its profanity filter.

In a game where humans are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, you can only assume that there will be a lot of blood, guts, and curses. This last part also applies to other real-life players.

In Back 4 Blood, the profanity filter can be the one that censors the game as well as the usernames and certain in-game chats of your teammates. If you want to hear and see everything, you can go to settings to turn it off.

Back 4 Blood: How to turn off the profanity filter

The game options in Back 4 Blood.  (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)
The game options in Back 4 Blood. (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)

Of course, the profanity filter is hidden in the Options menu. You can completely miss it with the way it’s buried with other game settings. However, the filter can be turned off as soon as you can find it.

Open the Options menu, either from the main screen or while you’re in a game and paused. Select the Gameplay tab to see a plethora of gameplay options, including the profanity filter in Back 4 Blood.

For some reason @ back4blood thinks the word “good” deserves censorship even with the profanity filter turned off.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see the profanity filter toggle. It’s just below speech to text and above the force of camera movement. Just turn it off instead of turning it on and it will.

With the profanity filter enabled, asterisks will appear in place of what Back 4 Blood considers offensive wording. Turning it off will remove censorship from all of those words so you can see exactly what other cleaners are saying in the chat.

@TurtleRock My PSN username is “holycrapoly” and when playing Back 4 Blood via open beta the game (even with the profanity filter turned off) censors the word “crap” so my name becomes “holy ** ** oly ”. Can this be fixed? Shit, as far as I know, is not true blasphemy

You can always go back and activate it if your Back 4 Blood experience gets a little toxic. Just because the profanity filter is turned off doesn’t mean that this behavior will go unpunished.

Toxic and threatening chat messages can be reported and that person can potentially be banned from using the chat feature. Just be careful what you end up saying in Back 4 Blood.

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