How to Survive the Zomboid Project Living Off the Land

Indie Survival Game Zomboid Project is one of the most in-depth zombie apocalypse games. It’s an incredibly impressive indie horror title, especially considering it’s an early access game. Character creation is extensive enough, but the game’s systems add many layers to the ways players can choose to survive. While many players will choose to scavenge the houses scattered around Knox County for the things they’ll need to survive, players looking for a bolder playstyle could try living off the land with a build. outdoorsman themed character set.

Survive in the desert in the Zomboid isometric project is easily one of the trickiest ways to play the game, but it’s certainly not impossible. With the game’s selection of traits and skills, players can create a character that can survive the outdoors as easily as those who stay within the city limits of Knox County. With the right skill, players can survive well beyond the first week of play and even prepare to survive almost indefinitely.

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Building a character in Project Zomboid

Before setting foot in Knox County, players will need to build a character capable of enjoying the surrounding nature. Starting with the must-have traits, Outdoorsman is easily one of the best for this build as it will greatly reduce the chances of catching a cold in the rain or getting scratched while moving through the bushes. The Herbalist is another must-have, as being able to craft medical supplies from herbs is a huge bonus. Traits that add up to outdoors-focused skills, like Hunter, Former Scout, or Angler, are also solid choices.

Players will likely have to adopt some negative traits, so it is recommended to go for Claustrophobic, Weak Stomach, and Sunday Driver. A weak stomach doesn’t really matter unless players try to eat raw or rotten foods, and Claustrophobic is a great choice for any outdoor-focused playstyle. Sunday Driver creates a new danger of getting caught in large hordes while driving, but hordes of zombies large enough to stop a car are usually only found deep in the city and can be avoided. In short, players can work around the drawbacks of Sunday Driver.

When it comes to picking a profession, there are a few that work quite well with this build. Park Ranger is particularly notable because it allows players to move faster through forests. It also gives players points in trapping and blacksmithing, which will be two essential skills for this game. Fisherman, Lumberjack, Farmer, and Fireman are also solid choices that will help improve different aspects of this playstyle. Don’t forget to pay attention to the points cost of occupations.

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Surviving the first week of Project Zomboid

The first week of any game is always the most important, especially with a tough playstyle like this. When players first spawn, it is important for them to research their starting building. Important things to look out for are any type of backpack or bag that can carry more supplies, water bottles, and food. Food and water are always important, but finding a backpack quickly will go a long way to reducing the excursion that comes with carrying items found while foraging.

If players can’t find a weapon in their first house, that’s okay. Going out and foraging can provide them with the supplies needed to craft a few spears. Although the spear breaks fairly quickly, it has phenomenal range and can even be stored on a character’s back for quick retrieval. It’s a great early game weapon for an outdoors-focused game, as long as players consider the low durability.

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Once players have located a working vehicle or backpack, they will want to find a nearby river and locate suitable ground to set up camp. Settling near a river is a smart choice as players can clean themselves up, collect water to boil for drinking, and fish for food. While researching, it’s a good idea to search for stones to make basic stone tools. These stone tools won’t be used for too long, but they’re great at first for setting up some sort of shelter and for gathering logs.

Using logs, players can craft campfire materials, which in turn can make a campfire. A campfire will be more than essential for this game, as it will be used to boil water to make it drinkable. Drinking water straight from the river should only be done as a last resort to survive, especially if players have taken the Weak Stomach trait. Fish can be caught from the river using homemade spears and when cooked they are an excellent food source.

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Long term survival in Project Zomboid

Now that the basic needs of hunger and thirst are taken care of, players should consider building a shelter. While nails are usually needed for construction, players can actually use rags and logs to build log walls. Rags can easily be crafted by ripping the clothes off dead zombies. While building a house on the shore is by no means a bad idea, a popular strategy is to build a cabin over a river that can only be entered with a sheet rope, although that it requires better crafting materials than can be salvaged. .

While fish and berries will serve as moderately acceptable food sources for now, players will eventually want to create a small farm. Players need to collect farming tools and seeds, but these are actually quite easy to find when looting. It’s a good idea to look for skill books while looting. Many crafting recipes, such as those for Animal Traps, require a few points in their relevant skills. Carpentry will be a particularly important skill to develop, especially for those planning to build a more advanced home.

A long-term goal that outdoors-focused players can aim for is to get electricity to their base camp. This can be tricky, but it’s worth it as it allows players to move furniture like TVs, radios, and stoves around their homes. To obtain electricity, players must find a generator and a magazine titled “How to Use Generators”. The generators are heavy, so it is advisable to have a vehicle to transport them. Once players have filled said generator with gas, they can connect it to various devices, allowing them to thrive in their woodland home.

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