How to expand your bunker in Mr. Prepper


In Mr. Prepper, you are immediately prompted to build more bunker space. After making the first piece for your workbench, you will be asked to make another one to start growing a small garden. This will not be enough, as you will soon find out. As the world draws to a close, you’ll need an entire house underground to come out alive. The more suspicious tools you have, the more you will need to experiment with and tidy up things in your bunker.

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Expanding your bunker starts off easy, but what gets tricky is figuring out how to upgrade the rooms and build a self-sustaining base. You will need to be able to create, develop, and supply most of the stuff from your bunker. Taking too much water from your normal sink will arouse the inspector’s suspicion, which is why you should eventually start building something to get water in a different way. Below are some tips for broadening your base and getting things started.

Construction of new bunker chambers

Mr Prepper enlarges the bunker

This is the simplest step. It costs nothing to build more chambers in Mr. Prepper. All you have to do is tap on a house icon at the bottom of your screen. This activates the build screen, where you can click on a space where you want a new room. Once you’ve done that, you can click on the arrows to decide the width and height of the room. Then all you have to do is hit the green check mark.

Building a room takes stamina and timeSo there is no point in starting late at night or when your stamina is already low as you will have to stop before you pass out. The time will automatically advance as you work on the construction of the new part. As it happens, you will receive a pile of potting soil, which can be turned into soil patches for plants on your workbench. Once the construction is complete, you cannot access the room until you have made a ladder using your workbench and placed it.

When you first start the game, you’ll probably have about three rooms already created before you realize that there isn’t enough power to keep other rooms on. Although it is free to build more rooms, they are useless without electricity and light. Building a steam generator as early as possible is important for expanding your bunker at Mr. Prepper.

To build a steam generator, you need a level two workbench. You must upgrade the workbench twice before the level two option is available because there is a level zero. Your next workbench upgrade will be the first item listed when opening the crafting menu. Here it will show you that you need 15 metals, 15 woods, and five stones to get to level two. A level two workbench allows you to craft a steam generator and an oven. These are the first major machines you can craft that will allow you to run a Support Bunker.

Upgrade of bunker rooms

Mr Prepper's bunker rooms highlighted

Figuring out how to improve the rooms in Mr. Prepper can get a bit tricky. Each room you build will have a small house icon in the upper right corner of the room. When you interact with it, it will prompt you to insert an item to improve the room. You cannot upgrade rooms until you progress in the main game. You obtain reward with room specific upgrades as you complete each phase of the main questline to escape.

Preparation of the rocket

Your first escape plan objective is to get 50 stones, 20 metals, and ten glasses for a rocket. This will only create the room that your rocket will be in. There is still a lot of work to be done to build a rocket and escape. After completing this first phase, you will be rewarded with greenhouse room upgrades.

You can’t choose which chamber you upgrade, you are just rewarded with specific chambers as you progress through the story. This is the order in which you get room upgrades:

  • Greenhouse improvements

  • Plant and pumping station improvements

  • Freezer and central upgrades

If you’re not sure what type of room to build next to keep you going, you can just wait to complete the escape plan phases and get specific room upgrades that will get you working one by one.

Essential items you need to expand your bunker

Mr. Prepper rocks in the mine

Each room in your bunker should provide several items such as electricity, food, water, rest, etc. Mr. Prepper must be able to live underground. Growing your own food and getting supplies makes it easier to maintain your health instead of scouring the forest every day for berries and spending all your coins in exchange. Multiple machines and tools will be at your disposal which will allow you to manage operations more easily. It is important to build these machines and items before the time runs out.

A garden

A garden or greenhouse allows you to mass produce organic food so you don’t have to keep buying overpriced goods when in trade and so you don’t have to waste daylight scavenging raw materials. If your stamina or health is low, all you need to do is climb up to your bunker and find a lush garden full of ripe vegetables.

At the start of the game, you are asked to create a small garden with plots of land. These are made from potting soil that you collect when building new bunker rooms. Soil plots are tedious and take up a lot of space, so you’ll want to get rid of it at some point. Later you can build greenhouses. It’s like planters that provide their own light instead of you having to place a bunch of wall sconces as well. These are crafted with a level three workbench.

You can also craft a dryer, fridge, and freezer that will help you grow underground fruits and vegetables. A dryer will dry any raw foods that can be dried and turn them into more edible foods for recipes or consumption. A clothes dryer comes with a level two workbench.

More power

The electricity going to your house will not be able to handle the amount of the electricity needed to power the tons of machines in your bunker. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, you will need to craft a steam generator with a level two workbench as soon as possible so that you can continue to expand the bunker. The steam generator must consume wood to operate and costs 12 metals to craft. With a level four workbench, you will be able to craft an ordinary generator. It will cost you ten pieces of metal, six of plastic, and four electronics to craft.


You will have a lot of suspicious items on hand. A pickaxe, a bat, recipe books … The inspector stops you or gives you a bad score. When the inspector comes, not only do you have to cover and return the questionable things in your home, but you have to put anything weird in your inventory. The inspector can see if there is something wrong with your cabinets, so it’s best to have a storage box in your bunker to temporarily place your gear when the inspector comes.

However, you won’t just need extra storage space to temporarily hide things. As you start to produce a lot of material for yourself, you will end up with a large inventory and need a little organization. This is exactly what you will be able to do with the manufacture of crates, refrigerators and shop shelves. All storage containers can be crafted with a zero to two level workbench.

Other items you should have

Upgrading your workbench is important. It allows you to craft useful machines that will be needed down the line. While storage and food are important, there are other base machines that you can craft with a level three to four workbench that are mandatory once you set up a larger base. Once your base gets bigger you will need more powerful machines to better conserve power and provide light for the operations you have.

  • Irrigator

  • Water reservoir

  • Refinery

  • Agricultural wall lamp

  • Refueller

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