How to Complete the Pokemon Go Bug Out Collection Challenge

The Bug Out Collection Challenge has arrived in Pokemon Go, requiring trainers to catch a list of Pokemon in order to unlock a special Bug Catcher pose.

After a year of absence, the Bug Out! The event returns for 2022. True to its name, there will be plenty of wild Bug-type spawns to catch alongside debut Mega Scizor and Genesect holding a Chill Drive.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a challenge, there’s the Catch Challenge timed research as well as a new themed collection challenge that tasks you with catching Wurmple, Caterpie, Grubbin, and more.

Below, you’ll find the details of all the Pokemon you need to catch to complete this Pokemon Go Bug Out! Collection challenge.


Pokemon Go Bug Out Collection Challenge Explained

Here are the Pokemon you’ll need to catch to complete the Bug Out Collection Challenge:

Once you complete the Bug Out collection challenge, you will be rewarded with 15,000 XP and the Bug Catcher pose for your avatar.

How to Evolve Wurmple into Silcoon & Cascoon in Pokemon Go

While most Pokemon in this collection challenge need to be caught, Silcoon and Cascoon need to be evolved from Wurmple, which can be a little tricky since they’re random developments.

Both cost 12 Candies but you can’t guarantee which evolution you’ll get, so you’ll just have to keep evolving Wurmple until you get both Silcoon and Cascoon for the Collection Challenge.

The Bug Out! The event starts on August 10 and ends on August 16, so you have just under a week to complete the Bug Out! Challenge collection and unlock this Bug Catcher pose.

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