HOCR Rumor Mill 2022 – Charles Regatta Coverage Manager

Here comes the 2022 rumor mill. Back but maybe not better than ever. Whether the information is correct, wrong, or in between, you can always email rabegabattaba [email protected]r dabot aborg.

There will be pairs running in the Men’s Champ 2x.

HOCR announces the first Bridge Trophy. Winners must pass under the Eliot Bridge with 4+ crews simultaneously without penalties or collisions. Consolation prizes to all crews forced through the inner arch. The Potomac Boat Club is encouraged to apply.

GB Rowing will become NGB for HOCR in 23.

The row2k drone incident causes a backup on I-90.

Ned’s will open at 10:15 a.m. Friday… oops that’s convenient. Same line, different place.

Brian Brandon Brenda Mulvey can answer your compliance questions.

Cody Rigsby will lead the Peloton pair. You better work, bitch.

USRowing will verify SafeSport certifications at the start line.

Gevvie Stone will lead people across the Eliot Bridge.

If she gives you direction advice, maybe listen; she steered the course well a dozen times.

Immediately following the Alumni Race, a Strava Segment will be activated from FALS to Reunion Village. #glory.

We found Kate. Still no word on Dave.

Rowing on I-84 eastbound still hopes to make it to the regatta.

Ample trailer parking is available.

A 10 second penalty will be applied to anyone caught shooting a BeReal during the race.

HOCR is launching a new race in Waco, Texas called Chase The Dragon. #wakesinwaco

The Radcliffe Boathouse Renovation is actually an underground survival bunker.

Dave Epstein says Sunday will be a great day. It’s a fluid forecast.

Golden bears hibernate. Huskies on the prowl.

George Clooney and Liam Neeson run a double.? It’s the boys in the boat.

@caridossa’s inbox was crushed by a truck.

T.Swift launch party at FALS Bar.

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