Here are the Top 3 Best Battery Organizers

Morgan Snape 03.08.22

Here are the Top 3 Best Battery Organizers

Organizing your batteries can be useful for everyday use, emergency preparedness, or even hiking. I don’t know about you, but we use a lot of batteries for children’s toys, flashlights, children’s toys…and children’s toys.

Ok but seriously, we store a lot of batteries, as I’m sure a lot of people do. I store them in several different organizers according to my needs. One for the house, a small one for my backpack, another for the Jeep, and finally one for my bug out bag.

Keep your batteries safe, in good condition and of all sizes in one place.

Take a look at the top three battery organizers:



1. Hard Battery Organizer Storage Box


Hard Battery Organizer Storage Box

This case has a hard exterior, but a soft interior. It has plenty of slots for different sized batteries as well as a few pockets.

It zips open and closed. In addition, it has a battery tester. Before using your battery, you can quickly test whether it is viable or not.

Personally, I like this because it’s completely isolated from direct light, which could affect the batteries. The hard exterior protects them from the elements while the soft interior protects them from bumping into each other.

Benefits/Large battery capacity, can hold different size batteries, battery tester

The inconvenients/May be considered heavy and bulky for some people

Conclusion/One of the best ways to store batteries

2. Ontel Battery Dad


Ontel Battery Dad

I don’t think it would leave the house due to its size, however, for home battery storage it’s an amazing option.

It has a hard case, and it’s transparent on one side so you can easily see what you need inside before you even open it.

It can hold up to 180 different types of batteries. They each have their own niches that prevent them from making direct contact, thus extending their lifespan.

The carry handle is really nice too. Moreover, it comes with a battery tester so you can test the batteries before using them.

Benefits/Can see inside without opening, battery tester, contains many different batteries

The inconvenients/Some have complained about the harsh latches

Conclusion/Great option for storing batteries at home or at work

3. Storage box for AA/AAA batteries


Storage case for AA/AAA batteries

Need batteries in your backpack, purse, bug out bag, get-home bag, or other travel bag? These are your best options. You can easily take AAA or AA.

These cases are small, lightweight, but provide just enough buffer between each battery.

These are the first battery organizers I have ever bought because I needed them for my backpack and was sold. The storage of batteries in this case for travel purposes is far superior to that in the original box. They are much safer in these organizational boxes.

Benefits/Small, light, simple

The inconvenients/Although they are secure enough when closed, they can still vibrate a bit

Conclusion/Great travel option for batteries

Which option suits you?

If you’re looking for a more efficient and safer way to store your batteries, these are all great options depending on your needs. Ditch their original boxes in favor of a battery case to save space and stay organized.

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