Harley Quinn Season 3 Finale Proves How Much Poison Ivy Loves Harley

The following contains spoilers for Harley Quinn Season 3, Episode 10, “The Horse and the Sparrow,” which debuted September 15 on HBO Max.

Season 3 of harley quinn hasn’t been the easiest for Harley and Poison Ivy as a couple. Even with Joker in the romantic picture, they had to work a lot, including Ivy’s past romance with Catwoman. Still, they tried to remove any baggage and toxicity, hoping to be as supportive as possible.

It kinda worked, with Harley helping Ivy on her eco-terrorist mission to terraform Gotham into a garden – Eden – that symbolized their love, as well as their sense of rebellion. However, the series was rocked when Bruce Wayne hijacked their plan and unleashed a DCeased-like zombie apocalypse on Gotham. Fortunately, Harley took the chance and saved the town, but even though it seemed like it could have broken her and Ivy forever, Ivy reminded fans of the lengths she would go to for her beloved. .

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For a time this season, Harley and Ivy grew increasingly furious with the Bat Family, trying to locate Frank the Plant. It took them a while to realize that Bruce was the one who stole it, using his regenerative DNA for a sinister plot – to resurrect Thomas and Martha Wayne. This was all due to the grief Bruce endured from the childhood trauma of seeing his parents murdered. However, Ivy tapped into The Green’s power and picked up all the zombies Bruce let loose, causing them to terraform the city.

Interestingly, Harley didn’t like the multitude of deaths, especially since innocent people were turned into plant monsters. So, with her selfless side eating away at her, Harley let a zombie puke all over her, saving Bane and causing the flower infection to spread through her veins. In a painful scene, Harley motioned for Ivy to embrace the inner light, which Harley did after being inspired by Bruce’s memories. For Harley, it would help save her soul, while cementing Ivy’s song of redemption after years of scorning heroes and villains in the seedy town.

As much as Ivy was enjoying the dream, Harley came first. Ivy cut the green connection, turned people into humans, and ended the zombies. No matter how badly she wanted this plant apocalypse, it couldn’t come at Harley’s expense. They’ve both been victims in the past, so Ivy had to be better towards the one person who was there for her. In the process, this act of mercy reiterated how much she and Harley considered each other kindred spirits.

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However, the fiasco wasn’t initially a happy ending, as Lex Luthor’s offer to Ivy to lead the Legion of Doom tested their love soon enough. Part of Ivy was still angry that humanity was allowed to thrive, so she took the job. Rather than causing an immediate conflict with Harley, Ivy made her own sacrifice. While she was keen on them continuing to be lovers, Ivy severed professional ties with Harley, so they could be together and have different interests, emphasizing the importance of independence in a relationship. While it’s healthy, their professional separation means that Ivy has lost Harley in a way.

Ultimately, what cemented this executive choice was the fact that Ivy knew Harley wasn’t meant to be a villain anymore. This was evident in the way Harley botched the trial job Lex gave them, as Harley’s heat was no longer killing the Joker. In a civil way, they hit it off and Harley joined the Bat-Family. It illustrated that their bond was stronger than ever, filled with trust, selflessness, and compassion, while leaving Harley with hope that she could chart a less chaotic future.

Ultimately, this little wishful thinking might not happen, as they will both be part of movements with different philosophies. However, it says a lot that Ivy wanted Harley to be happy and fulfill her dream of helping people – something that had been around since Harley’s college days. Even though this decision would cost Ivy a workmate, she still has the love of her life. It’s a true testament to her maturity and love for the jester, leaving Ivy hopeful that if Harley pursues this new career, they can still be together like they always planned.

All three seasons of Harley Quinn are available on HBO Max.

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