Hard Quiz and Gruen wow the competition


TV rankings: Wednesday, week 45 2021

Gruen was the first program in total television ratings after increasing its ratings by 20% to 1,112m. The episode saw Christina aventi and Sunita Gloster joined the panel. Difficult quiz ABC also had over a million viewers after increasing 11%.

At home and away was the first non-news program on Seven with 1.021 million after increasing 22%, while Big Brother VIP amounted to 721,000, an increase of 35%.

Parental guidance was the first non-news program on Nine with 984,000 viewers.

Total TV ratings for October 13, 2021

• Gogglebox has a rare Wednesday night episode for the final

Prime Time News
Seven News 918,000 / 911,000
Nine new 868,000 / 834,000
ABC News 602,000
10 News First 311,000 (5:00 p.m.) / 219,000 (6:00 p.m.)
SBS World News 134,000 (6.30 p.m.) 95,000 (7.00 p.m.)

Daily news
A topical case 660,000
7.30 517,000
The project 238,000 (6.30 p.m.) / 368,000 (7.00 p.m.)
The drum 138,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 241,000
Today 223,000
News Breakfast 209,000

Latest news
ABC Latest News 80,000
Nine Late News 70,000


Nine once again held the first primary share (18.5%) and the network share (28.0%) last night thanks to its winning combo of A topical matter (660,000), Parental guidance (517,000), and Emergency (300,000).

Parental guidance was down to 536,000 viewers last Wednesday as Parents Free Range Penny and Daniel and Tiger parents Kevin and Debbie were sent to the crowded house. Parents join strict parents André and Myriam and routine dads Brett and Tony.

Island of love aired at 9.40 p.m. and had 145,000 viewers as Jess velkovski and Aaron Waters emerged from The Hideaway.


At home and away was the best non-news program on Seven last night with 553,000.

He was again followed at 7:30 p.m. by the Big Brother VIP which had 310,000 viewers, as Bernard curry was kicked out of the hotel. That was down from 375,000 viewers last week.

The first night of the quarter-finals on America has talent then had 136,000 viewers.


The project was 238,000 (6:30 p.m.) and 368,000 (7:00 p.m.) as the show discussed the rights of Australian workers if they caught Covid-19 in the workplace.

The bachelorette had 249,000 viewers as Brooke broke the ice with Millie on a single date while Mardi Gras was celebrated on the group date. There was tension at the cocktail party as Jamie-Lee faced with rumors about herself. The rose ceremony saw Steve and Taje leave the show. This episode was down from 288,000 viewers last week.

The season finale of Glasses box then drew 503,000 viewers.


Difficult quiz continues to make things easy after drawing a crowd of 647,000 viewers, the best non-news program of the night. This was followed by Gruen while the show resulted in the sale of water in front of 577,000 spectators.

New Australian Comedy Preparers then had 267,000 viewers.


The best program on SBS was a repeat of Michael Palin in North Korea with 141,000 viewers.

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