Halloween Information Sources: It’s Baaaaack!

Her hand. Toussaint. Toussaint. Halloween. These are names by which the upcoming holidays are known. You know the one I mean. The Headless Horseman. The Sanderson sisters. Jack Skellington. Michael Myers. October 31 belongs to them.

Last year I wrote “A ghoul section of Halloween news sources”, which has collected the best podcasts, stories, government resources from the Internet and more on the subject of fear. But what if you don’t just study this night of fear? What if you – swallow – try to survive it?

Here are some sites that will assure you that you are not Hallo-weenie.


Ghosts are as essential to Halloween as turkeys to Thanksgiving, pineapples to Hawaii, and the F-word to Quentin Tarantino. Most people love a good ghost story. Sure, audience about a ghost is not as exciting as seeing a. Here are some resources for all aspiring ghost hunters.

Paranormal phenomenons

You cannot smash, ransack, grab, grab, or otherwise incapacitate an otherworldly entity without knowing precisely what that entity is. The Paranormal phenomenons Bridgewater State University’s Maxwell Library Research Guide is a godsend (a godsend?) in this regard. He is linked to the Parapsychological Association, the Rhine Research Center (“Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality”), and more.

Ghost Hunting Cheat Sheet For Dummies

REM terminal. Infrared motion detectors. EVP recording device. Ovilus. Here are some of the things you’ll need to be a sui generis ghost hunter, found at Ghost Hunting Cheat Sheet For Dummies. You will discover much more in the complete book ghost hunting for dummies by Zak Bagans—the host and executive producer of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures– as well as some existential topics, such as the different types of hauntings.

12 Paranormal Investigators Who Would Never Ghost You

Every industry has its celebrities. You have already heard of Zak Bagans, who with Ghost Adventures co-star Aaron Goodwin has been minding the spirits for 14 years. Other stars on the 12 Paranormal Investigators Who Would Never Ghost You list come from shows such as Ghost brothers, ghost nationand the subtly titled Portals to Hell.

International Ghostbusters

You can search for ghosts by yourself. Or you can do it as Ghostbuster. All you have to do is gather a group of friends, choose a name (Raleigh Ghostbusters, for example), sew uniforms, create a website and boom! You could be licensed Ghostbusters franchise with International Ghostbusters. Official license? Not clear. Don’t tell Columbia Pictures, just to be sure. (I once interviewed a Ghostbusters franchisee. It was… something.)


Ghosts, of course, are just one category of creatures that concern us. There are many others. Some push us away; some intrigue us. All are worthy of study, if only for the reason that the greatest fear of all is the unknown. Here are some additional educational resources.

Emilie Pinigis, Pitt’s news

“Being a witch while attending college can sometimes be especially difficult,” wrote Emilie Pinigis, freshly graduated, while finishing her studies at the University of Pittsburgh. His blog, pitchcraftwas a cauldron of thoughts, advice, and other bits of wisdom for her fans, especially those like her who sometimes need a little more power.

“How to become a necromancer – for fun and profit”

A necromancer is someone who raises the dead, not like Castiel bringing Dean back from hell (Supernatural fans know what I’m talking about), but with the goal of creating an army of the undead. It sounds good ? Check “How to become a necromancer – for fun and profit” blog post, which comes with a dandy flowchart.

What to do when you encounter Cthulhu

There are millions of books on surviving a zombie apocalypse. But what if the end of the world is brought about by something more… squid? Thanks Shoggoth, we have Rachel Gray’s book, What to do when you encounter Cthulhuwhich “covers the myriad of imagined dangers, escape options, and chances of survival” when faced with Cthulhu and his nightmarish companions.

How to Emulate Dean Winchester from Supernatural

Speaking of Supernatural, wouldn’t it be cool to be Dean Winchester? His look, his conduct, his scathing humor, his dart throwing, I want to know how he does it! Fortunately, the How to Emulate Dean Winchester from Supernatural The wikiHow guide spares no detail.


The worst thing about Christmas, New Years or Valentine’s Day is spending it alone, amirite? The same with Halloween. Nothing is cuter than dressing up in one of these couple costumes – Salt and Pepper, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Wayne and Garth – and rocking the party. Before you go, however, take a good look at your date. They may not be who you think they are.

11 Signs You’re Dating a Vampire

Leave it to BuzzFeed to take ordinary goth indicators (they don’t tan, their wardrobe is out of the ordinary, their music is weird, etc.) and pathologize them by 11 Signs You’re Dating a Vampire.

‘So You Think You’re Dating a Werewolf: A Modern Teen’s Guide’

Because we’ve all had the problem of determining whether a significant other “is of supernatural origin or just plain hairy,” the Hollywood Hates Me blog has created a helpful resource, “So You Think You Are Dating A Werewolf: A Modern Teen”s Guide.” Accessories for reference to Morpha character that only diehard Marvel fans would remember (he was in several episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series).

Survive a date with a zombie / Apocalypse

Peppermints? Check. Lipstick? Check. BOGO coupon for Ruby Tuesday? Check. Bug out bag, HEPA radiation filter and pocket Geiger counter? Only if your other half is a little…reconstituted, says Survive a date with a zombie / Apocalypse.

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