Google Senior Vice President Urs Hölze sent emails to fired right-wing employee Kevin Cernekee


A senior Google executive clashed with a right-wing engineer before the latter’s dismissal, in a series of terse exchanges that federal regulators say violated labor laws. Insider reported that new internal documents reveal the extent to which Urs Hölze, the eighth employee of Google, sent emails and wrote internal messages on the bulletin board admonishing Kevin Cernekee, the engineer. Hölze also asked him to “not do what you are doing here,” a violation of the speech and behavior of workers protected by Cernekee’s law, according to the decision of the National Labor Review Commission.

When Cernekee, who frequently accused the company of persecuting conservative employees who opposed Google’s “political social justice agenda,” was subsequently fired, Donald Trump came to his defense. The former president claimed that Cernekee had been deliberately targeted. The National Labor Review Board said that while Cernekee’s discussion forum comments were “somewhat callous to women and political minorities in light of the context of the conversation,” they did not create a hostile work environment.

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