Google Maps user spots ‘zombie apocalypse’ in bizarre abandoned building scene

A Google Maps fan page on TikTok claims to have found the start of a zombie apocalypse inside an abandoned building.

The account known as @googlemapsfun received over 20,000 likes on their video titled “zombie attack???” where they zoom in on the Liverpool building to show an aerial view of a crumbling structure.

But when the user switches to Street View, Google’s yellow man icon takes TikTok users inside the building where the walls are sprayed with the words “Zombies are coming” and several bloodied men dressed in tattered clothes that look like they have “turned”.

Some fans shook in their shoes at the sight, with some users worrying about the well-being of the camera operator.

Men dressed in bloody and tattered clothes in apparent ‘zombie attack’ scene

One user said: “Doesn’t that mean everyone died in this place, does it?”

Another wrote: “Google photographer goes too far.”

A third added: “OMG what happened?”

However, others believe it may be a movie or TV show Easter egg, as Google Maps was used to allow viewers to enter buildings showing a scene from an upcoming release. .

zombie scene
A man crawls on the ground as he appears to act like a zombie

One user suggested it was linked to the hit series, The Walking Dead, saying, “You can’t find the scary spot The Walking Dead.”

Another simply wrote, “This is for a movie pal.”

In 2013, Google Maps users were able to enter the Doctor’s Tardis on London’s Earl’s Court Road in an easter egg for Matt Smith’s regeneration – and it remains in place today.

abandoned building
The abandoned building where the ‘zombie attack’ was discovered

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Fans can explore a full 360-degree view of the replica console room set designed by Doctor Who production designer Michael Pickwoad.

The room was revealed as the new home of the Eleventh Doctor and “impossible girl” Clara Oswald (played by Jenna Coleman) as they travel through space and time together.

However, the interior kept changing throughout the show as it adapted to each doctor, but the “easter egg” remains the same.

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