Globe City premiere of “Clay Zombie”


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The feature debut, Clay Zombie, directed by Globe City’s Jake Jolly, premiered in true slow-motion horror on October 2 at 11:30 p.m. at the Grand View Theater and Draft House, 1274 Grand Viewer Venue Jolly. to augment. His clay zombie work, called an animated hybrid of live-action and stop-motion, is an old “cinematic ode to a silly, hearty thriller.”

Jake Jolly wasn’t a big fan of mainstream horror movies.

In general, he found them to be quite outdated – slicers and dice that became popular, especially in the 1970s and 1980s.

His view of the possibilities of this genre began to evolve when his brother Bill presented George A. Romero’s 1978 classic, “Dawn of the Dead.”

“It was real, it wasn’t just Jason killing people,” Globe City resident Jolly said. “It was a diverse group of people who likely wouldn’t work or live together under normal circumstances and fight a common threat.”

Blown away by what he saw, he began to act figuratively like a zombie, consuming as many films as possible in the Undeath as he could find.

Devouring this subgenre hasn’t set Jolly on track to directing her own zombie flick, but it’s permanent for someone who was already looking to get into the entertainment industry. I left an impression.

Jolly said he was about seven years old when the seed was planted.

“My dad gave Bill and I his VHS camera, and we were crazy about it.”

Initially he wanted to be an actor, but he thought it would be wise to try writing and directing in case something went wrong.

“Anytime I could get the camera away from Bill and his wrestling stunts, I was writing a sci-fi adventure for myself and my miniatures,” he said. “Then I spent hours trying to bring them to life with stop-motion animation. “

Over the years, Jolly has pressed the pause button on her growing animation skills and has objected to acting in the drama section while attending Globe City Christian School.

“I wasn’t involved in it,” he says. “I played in a band for a few years, so I had some acting experience, which was as close as I got to the entertainment world.”

In her mid-twenties, with no industry credibility on her behalf, Jolly began to feel that her childhood dreams of appearing in movies, writing, and directing were gone.

“I had so many ideas of what a movie could do, but I agree with the weird social pressure that if something doesn’t happen at a certain age it’s never going to happen. “He said.

Jolly’s father wanted to cheer his son up and told him about a newspaper ad calling for an extra for Aaron Garrett’s film “False Flag” shot locally. He traveled to London, where he was filmed, “very excited” as a member of the cast and rekindled his desire to make the original.

Jolly had the premise of the zombie movie in mind after his wife Ashley gave him a short crash course in the latest technology for aspiring filmmakers. Talking with a makeup artist to determine the cost of such a business, he had to revise those plans.

“For example, it was not worth my budget,” Jolly said.

Jolly decided to spot him, thinking back to Ray Harryhausen’s childhood love for the film and directing a short of a live-action actor acting with a creature in stop motion.

In 2016, Jolly’s “Claymation Zombie” appeared on the festival circuit, and the low-budget “Camp Zombie Apocalypse Horror with Green Clay Monsters” was warmly received by audiences.

“I think they were fed up with all the serious movies,” he joked.

In a successful short film to his credit, fellow creators told him to “move on” from this universe, it is “too much work” to move on to feature films. Will be.

But Jolly wasn’t ready to leave the zombies behind.

First, Jolly extended the poem and created the Origin Story web series for Dr. Clayton Moulder. Dr. Clayton Moulder may have accidentally caused the Clay Zombie Apocalypse. At the end of 2019, he officially started the conversion of the feature film.

These plans were caught in COVID-19.

“It gave me time to reinvent everything,” he said.

Ashley asked if he could have an actor in the movie and who he wanted to be while creating additional plot points and perspectives.

He said the answer was simple: Diane Franklin.

“She’s one of my favorite actresses,” Jolly said. “I liked her for ‘Better Off Dead’ and ‘Bill and Ted’s Adventure. “

Knowing that the actor was struggling to find a job due to the COVID-19 limit, he sent her a message via Facebook asking if she was interested in a small stake. To his surprise, she was.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I still can’t believe it.”

He never met her, but she filmed and sent footage near her home, but her willingness to be a part of the “Clay Zombie” meant the world to him. He said.

“I really appreciate the people who helped me make my dream come true.”

The pandemic created logistical nightmares in locally shot movies, but Jolly said the cast and crew were able to create something fun for everyone, regardless of their general feeling about zombie movies. . Said.

“There are puns, guns and unnecessary violence of clay zombies,” he said.

But that’s not the only thing in “clay zombies,” he said.

“It comes down to that thread of friendship found in those who have come together to help others.”

In the case of this movie, strangers gather to educate themselves about the Clay Zombie virus, save the kidnapped dog (played by the late “Sweet Girl” Sundi) from Jolly), and seemingly stop the evil human from creating it. A green monster who is more greedy than a fighter.

“A lot of things are going on, but I swear it’s good and it makes sense,” Jolly said. “Well, it’s as good and can make sense as a movie about clay zombies.”

“Clay Zombies” will premiere on October 2 at 11:30 p.m. at the Grandview Theater and Drafthouse, 1247 Grandview Ave. Tickets can be purchased by searching for “Clay Zombies” on or by logging in directly from “Clay Zombies”. Facebook or Instagram page. The film will also be available on Amazon Prime or Tubi in late October. With Jake Jolly, Bill Jolly, Diane Franklin, David Ogrodowski, Gabe Kirk, Jazzy Jackson, Beth Metcalf, Catherine Elizabeth and Sandy’s Pitbull.

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