Get a one-year subscription to Sam’s Club for the Black Friday price of $ 20

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As someone who knows a thing or two about the social food chain after the great toilet paper migration of 2020, you’ve seen your fair share of “eat or be eaten” scenarios. And, while humans don’t need to fight for their food in theory, you might want to stock up on when the finest societies start acting again. Plus, it’s always nice to be one step ahead of everyone else when bulk buying seems to be the norm in these socially remote times.

Having a buyer’s club membership is essential for all savvy shoppers, storekeepers, and Doom Day preparers. so this Sam’s Club membership is the perfect way to make sure you’re ready to stock up for everything at a discounted price. To add, it’s also on sale for Black Friday.

Here’s what you need to know about this offer. Normally, an annual Sam’s Club membership will cost you around $ 57. With this offer, you’ll get a $ 20 membership, plus one free seasoned roast chicken (valued at $ 4.98) and eight gourmet cupcakes (valued at $ 7.98) on your first departure.

This offer also includes a savings card that allows you to take advantage of lower prices and save more. Do you want a physical membership card? No worries, just show your phone number or email address at any Sam’s Club store in the USA to have your membership card printed.

With over 597 stores, Sam’s Club is the perfect way for your family to stock up on essentials and household items. Having this subscription will not only allow you to buy as much as you want, but it will also ensure that you get the freshest and most up-to-date products available.

Get the Sam’s Club membership for $ 19.99 (reg. $ 57).

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