Fun survival co-op shooter games inspired by Left 4 Dead


A look at the most notable 4-player co-op FPS games inspired by Valve’s Left 4 Dead franchise.

Valve, the makers of revolutionary games like Half-life and Portal, did not show much interest in the publication of a third opus for Left for dead, a cooperative first-person shooter series about armed survivors trying to escape hordes of mutant zombies. Game designers from other studios have, however, used Left for deadThe gameplay of as inspiration for their own multiplayer FPS games about squads fending off hordes of monsters.

Both Left 4 Death 1 and Left 4 dead 2 takes place in a world overrun by a zombie apocalypse, the product of an airborne viral contagion that turns people into swift zombies and grotesque monstrosities. The players in these games are asymptomatic survivors who must navigate their way between shelters, salvage weapons, ammunition and medical kits while fending off the “special infected” with the ability to push them away from the group. The big draw of the Left for dead the series, aside from their quality blend of four-player co-op with horror, was their use of an “AI director” to organically create scenarios of rising and falling narrative tension – new hordes of zombies when things got boring, med kits and ammo when players needed a break.

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After releasing a DLC update called “The sacrifice” for Left 4 dead 2 in 2010, Valve moved on to other projects. however, Left 4 dead 2 still gets community-designed storylines while developers at other studios have created original “horde survival shooters” that give the game a unique twist. Left for dead formula.

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide & Vermintide 2

Instead of a modern city consumed by a zombie apocalypse, the Vermintide the video game franchise takes place in the dark and on top War hammer fantastic setting – especially, in a 16th century Renaissance-inspired empire that is under attack by hordes of rats and Chaos cultists. Instead of office workers, students and veterans, the players of Vermintide and Vermintide 2 can choose from a roster of characters including witch hunters, fire mages, imperial musketeers, elven rangers and dwarf gadgets, each with their own unique jokes and special abilities in the style of Monitoring.

Galactic Deep Rock

Deep Rock Galactic How to Find & Use the KPI Terminal

Galactic Deep Rock adds several interesting twists to the formula established by Left for dead, both in terms of gameplay and storytelling. First, all of the playable characters are fantastic Tolkien-style dwarves working for an intergalactic mining company. Second, the goal of most Galactic Deep Rock missions is to extract mineral resources from a planet’s underground caverns while pushing back waves of hostile alien life forms. Third, the labyrinthine maps of the caves of Galactic Deep Rock are procedurally generated, creating new environments for players to navigate on each new “mining expedition”.

Generation zero

Generation Zero Coverage

Generation zero takes place in an alternate version of 1980s Sweden ravaged by out-of-control killer military robots. Players can choose from a list of teenage characters from different cliques from the 1980s who fight to survive these marauding robots using guns, explosives, flares, and hacking. Unlike the run-and-gun gameplay of Left for dead, survival in Generation zero is often a matter of discretion; the astute player tries to avoid being detected by the patrolling robots and keeps them as far away as possible.

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Back 4 Blood

image from Back 4 Blood showing the cleaners preparing to fight a huge monster-like creature

Back 4 Blood is currently being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, who worked with Valve to create and release the first Left for dead Game. Since Valve still owns the Left for dead trademark, the new Turtle Rock Back 4 Blood IP – centered around survivors trying to take back their world from the parasitic worm-infested zombie hordes – allows them to create a spiritual successor to their original zombie slaying game without encountering prosecution. The different trailers for Back 4 Blood show familiar elements of Left 4 dead gameplay (hordes of “Ridden” zombies, Molotov cocktails, pistols and melee weapons) while revealing new types of “Mutant” zombies that rival players can control to take out the co-op team, and some really “boss” monsters. immense Size.

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