Fun alternative games for those who love Pokemon GO

After its launch in Pokémon Go, it became a huge hit with kids and adults alike. The augmented reality game of locating Pokemon, raiding, and interacting with other players in the real world. If you’re a big Pokémon Go fan but want to switch up your gaming experience a bit, there are thousands of alternative AR games out there.

Whether you want another augmented adventure game or something you can play from the comfort of your own home, there’s a mobile game for you. Some of these games require a little more effort, knowledge, and strategy than others, but they can all be great fun.

Geocaching replaces virtual Pokemon with real items

Geocaching is a great option for anyone who loves exploration and navigation skills. It works like a treasure hunt of sorts, with players around the world hiding caches for others to find. Most often, these caches consist of a notebook in a waterproof case so that those who have located the cache can sign their name as proof that they have found the cache.

These caches sometimes also contain gifts for the discoverers, such as toys or objects of sentimental value. You’ll need a phone with GPS capability and the time and patience to locate caches, some of which can be incredibly well hidden. It is also often a game best played in a group to ensure your safety. Group geocaching sessions can be a great bonding experience with friends and family.

Ingress Prime is a strategy game with a real world map

Ingress is another AR game made by the same company as Pokémon Go, Niantic. Players play by finding portals in the real world and using their AR cards to help them. Like Pokémon Go, these portals are usually tied to notable places in the area, such as historic buildings, street art, sculptures, and churches.

ARrrrrgh turns your living room into a treasure hunt

ARrrrrgh is a hide-and-seek mobile game that two or more people can play at once. Players must search for digitally hidden treasure somewhere nearby. It can be played in a smaller space like a living room or around the world. It’s an awesome, silly game for adults and kids alike, although it’s definitely aimed at younger audiences. It’s a great way to keep the kids busy during the summer months or spending time exploring with friends. One player buries the treasure while the other participants use the app to find it.

Wordscapes is a ton of content for a mobile game

Wordscapes is a fantastically addictive and endlessly entertaining word game. Players are tasked with creating as many words as possible from an assigned number provided by the game. You use the letters to match words with blocks and earn extra points for any words you find that are not not in the word search itself. This mobile game is a great way to pass some time and expand your vocabulary at the same time.

Online casino-style games are great for passing the time

The great thing about casino style games is that there are so many to choose from. You can also find an online casino to suit your tastes and with themes ranging from sports to movies to entertainment. This makes casino games one of the most versatile and exciting gambling options. You can find fantastic gambling guides for popular casino games from online casino experts.

You can even win a lot of money playing casino games, although it is always important to be careful. Set a budget and stick to it. This will ensure that you don’t lose more money than you can afford playing casino games. It’s also best to stop while you’re ahead and play in moderation.

Zombies, Run is a horror-themed Pokemon GO alternative

If you like to combine your gaming experience with your workouts, then Zombies, Run is the perfect choice for you. It is mostly audio-based and requires the player to run while listening to an audio story outlining the next actions they need to take and the distance they need to travel. Items are collected as you run to help your city of humans survive during a zombie apocalypse.

The game monitors your GPS to see how far and how fast you’ve run, encouraging faster interval running by simulating a zombie attack. This game might not be for everyone and is probably best played during daylight hours if you’re someone who gets scared easily, but it can be a great and engaging way to get your exercise in. weekly.

Want a relaxing mobile game? Try Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is a game recently released by Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go. It’s a cute adventure game that encourages players to get out into the real world and explore it. Players are rewarded with items like flowers, Pikmin food, and special materials that encourage Pikmin to grow. It’s a great option for anyone who wants a relaxing game that encourages them to get out of the house. The relaxing nature and simple gameplay make it a great way to unwind.

RuneScape is an old MMORPG that still feels new

RuneScape has been a popular game for over two decades and has a loyal following base. There are a few different iterations of the game, all of which are popular. RuneScape allows players to interact with other players in a game world. Go on quests, fight monsters, or even duel in the open world. Some experienced players have even won real money with RuneScape, either through live streams or videos about the popular game.

Trade Pokemon for Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is another AR game based on the hugely popular Jurassic Park movie franchise. In this game, players find dinosaurs wandering around nearby places. The goal is to collect DNA samples to upgrade and create new dinosaurs in your lab. The ultimate goal of players is to save the dinosaurs and use teams of their favorite prehistoric predators to eliminate threats in the game.

The cultural sensation among us is still going strong

If you want to play a game with friends, virtually or in person, then Among Us is a great option. The game takes place in a bustling space station where players are assigned cartoon avatars. While most are innocent survivors, some are seen as imposters capable of killing other players. True teammates must then work together using deduction skills to determine which players among them pose a threat. The game is available on mobile and PC, and players from both platforms can connect to the same lobbies.

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