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I am the mother of a child of almost 3 years old. Like any toddler this age, my son especially enjoys doing the exact opposite of what I’m saying. And just yesterday it happened again. Imagine this: he was playing in our garden after he returned from daycare. The sun was hot and I missed a few leaves covering my lawn. I had seen a few mushrooms growing near the trees. I tried to distract my son from them, explaining that they were dangerous. It worked for a little while. And then I found him by putting a little in his mouth.

Luckily I saw it happen right away and was able to get them back before he chews and swallows them. But it got me thinking: I have absolutely no idea how to differentiate an edible mushroom from a dangerous mushroom. Outside of my house or market, I kind of guess these are all mushrooms that I shouldn’t touch, even though I love mushrooms, or as we call them in my home country, mushrooms.


So last night I did what I do when I want to learn something: I opened my podcast app and listened to dozens of mushroom episodes. Since it’s mushroom picking season, I thought I’d share my favorite episodes in The Weekend, Frenchly’s Friday newsletter. Sign up for this great recap of Francophile things to think about, watch, see, and do over the weekend here.

My criteria for this new selection were which episodes made me more comfortable around wild mushrooms, which made me want to go pick mushrooms in the woods and which made me want to cook mushrooms.

As a reminder, here is what the headphones mean next to the titles: a headset, like this one: 🎧 is for French shorter and more manageable and up to three headphones like this:

Before presenting this weekend’s selection, I want to remind listeners that every podcast I have listened to emphasized one point: if you are a beginner, always ask an expert to check what you collect before you collect it. to eat. In France, most pharmacists can do this for free. Be careful!

Mushrooms are coming out of the wood (France Culture)

Documentary Series 🎧 🎧 🎧

What is it about

The Documentary Series (LSD) is a program produced by France Culture, a public radio. “Mushrooms Come Out of the Woods” is a 2019 4-part series about mushrooms and the microscopic world they live in. The show traces the origins of planet Earth to the present day.

What I like about this show

As a podcast producer myself I will say that LSD offers documentaries that I aspire to produce myself: in-depth and fascinating. Frankly, if you had told me that I would binge on a whole mushroom series a few days ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. But LSD is addictive. ??

An episode not to be missed

Although this is a 4 episode series, you can listen to each episode independently. If you could only listen to one, I would recommend the 4th. Here, Celine du Chéné delves deeper into the symbolism of mushrooms. She teaches us that, strangely, in science fiction, the end of the world is often associated with mushrooms. This episode shows how it wasn’t until the end of the 20th century that we began to see positive representations of mushrooms in literature and art.

Mushrooms, from shadow to light (New Listenings)

# 111, Jesters 🎧

What is it about

Jesters is a weekly program produced by Nouvelles Listenes and hosted by Emilie Laystary. Every Wednesday, she delves into a culinary subject, which can range from locavorism to #MeToo in the cooking industry.

What I like about this show

I am French: I like good food and like my French compatriots, I like to talk about it. I really like the Jesters (which means let’s eat) because it broadens your culinary horizons and makes you think a little more about society.

An episode not to be missed

Episode # 111 is about mushrooms. In this rather short episode (35 min), Laystary talks with a pharmacist passionate about the fungal world and offers guided harvest in the woods. She also discusses the exceptional medicinal, nutritional and even spiritual qualities of mushrooms with a food journalist. Really interesting episode!

5 easy-to-identify edible mushrooms

Nature Adventure Survival 🎧

What is it about

Nature, Adventure, Survival (literally Nature, adventure and survival) is a program hosted by Alban Cambe, journalist for the magazine Survival. He offers advice and answers questions from his audience about bushcraft and survivalism.

An episode not to be missed

I didn’t listen to all the episodes but rather this one in particular. This one is about how to identify what is edible. I love how convenient this episode was. In just 30 minutes, the host plunges us into the woods with him and we can leave with concrete advice to be safe while delivering your love of mushrooms. If you want to be even more careful, this episode is also available on Youtube With pictures. PSA: Don’t use mobile apps to identify mushrooms!

Truffle (France Inter)

2000 years of history 🎧

What is it about

Truffles are very old mushrooms. We now know that they were alive around 3,500 years ago. You would think that with such a story, there is very little unknown about the truffle. However, truffles still hold many mysteries.

An episode not to be missed

Truffles! Do I have to say more, seriously? Truffle oil, truffle cheese, truffle fries … The truffle has literally invaded the gastronomic scene. They are very expensive and rare. Why? Where do these mushrooms come from? How did they go through history? Do you know that they contain steroids and have aphrodisiac properties, attracting men but repelling women? All of these questions and more are answered in this tantalizing episode.

Anne-Fleur Andrle is a Boston-based company Franco-American podcast producer. It hosts a French morning called show, French expatriate, where she documents the journeys of French-speaking expatriates around the world. She is so passionate about podcasts that she created a podcast about it called Generation Podcast, and has a weekly newsletter organized with French podcasts that she thinks are not to be missed. She also consults with various organizations to help them increase their podcast footprint.

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