Florida woman films alligator eating another alligator

A Florida woman came shockingly close to a moment of alligator cannibalism when she recorded an alligator devouring another in the wetlands in a state park.

Tammy Shaw shared the video with Alligators of Florida, a Facebook group, on August 10 after seeing the event on August 4.

According to the organization, it’s “a place to upload your alligator images for everyone to enjoy, share and comment on.”

She filmed the scene of a paddleboard nearby as an alligator slammed another into the water before ripping it to pieces to devour in the video, which she captioned “Gator eating gator, Silver Springs “.

The predatory alligator is then seen emerging from the water and beginning to shake the prey before beginning to gorge.

Shaw told Yahoo News that the alligator that attacked her may have been even bigger than the inflatable paddleboard she was riding on, which was about 11 feet long.

A little dramatic, but very fascinating to watch, is how Shaw described it.

She went on to state that the consumed alligator was no taller than five to seven feet.

According to the educational website Animal Club, cannibalism among alligators is widespread, especially between the larger and smaller members of the species.

According to Live Science, six to seven percent of newborn alligators are murdered by other alligators for food.

Shaw said that once the alligator finished its meal, she eventually had to stop shooting due to her proximity to it.

The nickname “Big Head Fred” was given to the alligator by one of the members of the Facebook group.

Another jokingly called him “MMA gator,” and both sides acknowledged that Shaw was brave to step into their turf.

Alligators can be found anywhere there is visible standing water, according to the state of Florida, which has 67 counties.

Since it often offers glass-bottom boats for visitors, Silver Springs State Park provides a clear view of any possible alligator activity.

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