Florida Judge Elizabeth Scherer rips ‘unprofessional’ defense attorney for Parkland killer Nikolas Cruz

The judge presiding over the death penalty trial of Parkland gunman Nikolas Cruz tore through the defense on Wednesday, calling out Cruz’s lead attorney for being “unprofessional” and wasting everyone’s time. Cruz’s defense unexpectedly closed their case on Wednesday, despite previously announcing plans to call at least 50 additional witnesses. Their announcement, as jurors lined up outside the courtroom, effectively ‘wasted a day in court,’ Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer said, as prosecutors weren’t ready to begin. their rebuttal in such a short time. “For 22 people to show up in court and wait like it’s some kind of game. I’ve never experienced such unprofessionalism in my career,” Scherer fumed. The judge’s comments seemed to touch a nerve for lead attorney Melisa McNeill, who tried to defend herself before being struck down.”You’re insulting me publicly in front of my client,” McNeill said.Scherer quickly fired back: “You insulted me throughout the trial Openly taking off your headphones, arguing with me, storming out, showing up late on purpose if you don’t like my decisions. So, quite frankly, this is long overdue. So please sit down.

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