Fear The Walking Dead Gutterballs A Perfect Opportunity For Zombies

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7’s “Mourning Cloak” created a perfect opportunity for bowling shenanigans, but the zombie spin-off fell short.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Fear the living dead “Mourning Cloak” from season 7.

Fear the living dead tripped over his own bowling shoes in Season 7’s “Mourning Cloak.” Going from Alicia’s crash course in classical music to the undead Romeo and Juliet, Fear the living dead season 7 features Ashton Arbab as Ali. Fear the living dead season 7 then quickly kills Ashton Arbab’s Ali, continuing a strange pattern of exciting guest stars who don’t survive beyond a single episode. A loyal member of the Victor Strand’s Tower community, Ali is training to become a ranger when he meets Charlie from Morgan’s submarine crew. As teenage hormones rage, the pair inevitably evolve from reluctant traveling companions into a young dream of love.

Ali and Charlie (Chali?) take their turn by taking refuge in a bowling alley. Pursued by Arno’s Stalkers, Ali recalls the nearby ten-pin hideaway from his pre-apocalypse childhood and guides Charlie there to hide among the varnished alleyways and smelly common shoes. To pass the time, Ali teaches Charlie to bowl. All of her spin and center arrow talk makes sparks fly, melts the ice, and sets the stage for a kiss later in the episode. It’s a sweet moment in between Fear the living dead‘s youngest survivors – but the spinoff gets so lost in the evocation of a teenage romance that a huge opportunity is squandered like a fastball throughout a 7-10 split.

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By this point, Fear the living dead“Mourning Cloak” by once went to the trouble of clumsily crafting a trip to the bowling alley. Such locations aren’t common in the apocalypse, and Ali’s backstory is Season 7’s only real excuse for including one. As such, viewers would be forgiven for anticipating some sort of zombie bowl hi-jinks on the horizon. Surely, Fear the living deadVisiting the bowling alley is not only for Ali and Charlie to look into each other’s eyes. They could do it over a romantic game of Ludo or I Spy. The real reason must to be facilitating hilarious undead set pieces, right? Maybe a zombie comes out from behind the bowling pins and Ali punches it in the brain. Maybe a rotten invader gets stuck in the finger-mapping machine that brings the bullets back. Even just Ali swinging a bowling ball into the head of an oncoming zombie would have been appreciated. Alas, nothing like that transpires.

Alexa Nisenson as Charlie and Ashton Arbab as Ali in Fear The Walking Dead

Quite why any movie or TV show in the zombie subgenre would create a bowling alley sequence, but do not including any bowling-themed zombie action is a mystery. It’s like driving a kid to McDonald’s just to tell them you’re making fish stew for dinner. It is literally a sport in which heavy blunt instruments are thrown into a wide open space – a strange moment indeed for Fear the living dead to suddenly get shy about blood and guts. Zombie bowling wouldn’t even undermine Ali and Charlie’s cute courtship either – countless times over the past 12 years, The Walking Dead punctuated tender character moments with zombie interference. Why should a trip to the Dart Bowl be any different?

The omission of bowling-related zombie deaths is even stranger considering Fear the living deadThe predilection of for unique undead stunts. Previous episodes have incorporated water park slides, Wild West prank moves, and even wrestling moves, indulging in goofy zombie antics The Walking DeadThe main show usually avoids. We’ve seen three grown adults hitting zombies with WWE techniques…why is that Fear the living dead to draw the line in bowling?

Fortunately, there is still time to make amends. With “Mourning Cloak”, Fear the living dead established Ali’s driveway as a location relatively close to the Strand Tower – and Charlie can no doubt track it down. Maybe Season 7 returns to Dart Bowl in a future episode, and Fear the living dead finally delivers the ten-pin massacre that viewers have been robbed of.

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Fear the living dead continues Sunday on AMC.

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