FairMoney Digital Bank launches FairSave to revolutionize saving with flexibility and instant rewards

FairMoney MFB, the leading lending-focused digital bank, has announced the launch of a new product designed to conveniently meet its customers’ savings needs. FairSave is a product that rewards customers instantly for saving their money on the FairMoney app.

The move comes in response to growing demand from Nigerians for a more flexible savings platform that gives them full control of their money while also seeing it grow. FairSave is a savings wallet from FairMoney MFB that allows its users to save money and earn interest on a daily basis. With FairSave, users earn up to 10% interest per year on their savings. Unlike other platforms, users can withdraw their interest and principal at any time without penalties. Aside from being safe, secured and guaranteed, saving with FairSave also helps you build a strong credit score that increases your chances of getting higher loans at lower interest rates.

According to CEO Laurin Hainy, “Nigeria is a booming market with a young population, without the right inclusive infrastructure to serve them and help them grow their finances there will be a forever delay. So why are we going ahead to provide a path where all of our clients with ambition and dreams are propelled to their dreams by learning a savings culture built on flexibility and immediate interest?

As a market leader in digital banking and loan acquisition, FairMoney has been providing fair banking for years by offering low-interest, flexible payment schedule, long-duration loans and other banking services to business people, merchants, students, craftsmen and many others. As of December 2021, Fair Money had disbursed over £117 million in loans to Nigerians.

With the launch of its FairSave platform, the company knows it will change the lives of many people out there by rewarding them for saving. To reach as many people as possible, the company recently introduced reality star and entrepreneur Anita Natacha Akide, known as Tacha, as a brand ambassador.

With Tacha as a partner, FairMoney hopes to increase awareness of its fintech products and services, advance financial literacy and bridge the financial inclusion gap.

Customers who want more information on how to make money and save at the same time with “FAIRSAVE” can visit www.fairmoney.ok You can also follow their verified social media names on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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