Everything you need to pack a travel bag


They have several names: preparation bags, travel bags, evacuation bags. But no matter what you call them, they all have pretty much the same purpose: it’s a bag full of stuff that you would take with you if you needed to “get away”, if there was a natural disaster or another major emergency – and, in other words, you need Dodge’s GTFO. Now you’ve probably seen people preparing for the end of the world on the literally named show Preparers for the end of the world, but if not, check it out and thank us later. These people might be extreme, but say what you want – they seem pretty prepared.

However, you don’t need to strap AR-15s to your nine-year-olds or dig a small (but mighty) ditch around your apartment building to be ready for an emergency evacuation or last fight. . In fact, you probably already have some sort of backpack, and you just don’t know it. Do you have a favorite backpack in which to store your essentials? Go bag. A suitcase that doubles as storage for your toiletries and travel chargers? Go bag. A burlap bag filled with crazy sex toys and everything you need to make sausages at home? Absoutely a travel bag.

What constitutes a go bag is really up to you – all that matters is that it’s full of almost everything you need to grab it and go without any additional packaging. They can range from the casual bag, in case I need to travel at some point, to a more serious bag, I need to go on the sly. -because-I-just-stole-the-Declaration-of-Independence-night-pack. (Also, has anyone seen Bangkok Dangerous? Much better than National treasure IMO, and sort of even more campy.)

Whatever Nicholas Cage movie you most relate to, everyone should be at least a little prepared for a gnarly, quick-fix bug storyline. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of all the possibilities, here are some solid basics to pack in your emergency preparedness bag. (case of bourbon sold separately.)

Otherwise it’s just a “go”

Getting a sturdy bag or backpack is the first step in putting your backpack together. You can take the tactical route with one of these two military-style bags, or you can lean into your inner renegade camper with the upright backpacking bag.

5.11 Tactics

5.11 Ruch 12 2.0 Men’s Tactical Backpack


Military tactical backpack

One tool to rule them all

(It’s you. You are the tool.) Just kidding, of course. We love you, but not as much as you will love this Leatherman multi-tool. There’s a reason many people consider the Leathermans to be an everyday staple; they have everything you need to do small repairs, open cans and bottles, and cut threads. The Resqme Car Window Breaker and Belt Cutter are also a great, affordable gadget to keep in your glove box. After all, you never know!


Charge + TTi multifunction tool


Emergency Keychain Car Escape Tool

Don’t underestimate paper clippings

First aid kits are not an alternative to professional medical care, but they can treat many bumps and bruises on a daily basis. (Broken hearts, not so much.) It’s always good to have one on hand, even if it’s just to help stabilize the situation on the way to emergencies. We love this one not only because it is currently half closed, but also because there are many components in it, with medication and material for bleeding, burns, airway obstruction, punctures and topical emergencies.


The solo first aid kit

Until you set up your subsistence garden

Until you are able to build a portable garden for on-the-go food supplies, survival rations will allow you to live for a few days or even weeks, depending on how much you bring. In addition, they do not all the taste of the ass. Mountain House has very solid reviews for its meals, which include cookies with sauce and chicken fried rice and are also suitable for camping. Augason Farms Affordable 72 Hour Kit comes with 42 servings, so you may have 99 trouble in an emergency, but hunger isn’t.

Mountain House

3 day emergency food supply kit

Augason Farms

72 hour emergency food kit for 1 person

It’s functional fashion

Thermal blankets and rain ponchos are a good investment, whether you plan to venture deep into the forest or make long winter road trips on low traffic roads. A classic metallic emergency blanket could make this look Brooklyn chic too – just tell the hipsters you’re wearing it sarcastically. But if you’re looking for something to use all year round for outdoor excursions, plane rides, or even just lounging on the porch, try Rumpl or Gravel’s squeezable puffy blankets.


Emergency blankets and rain poncho hybrid survival gear


Gray stopover travel blanket


Puffy Original Blanket – Thick Summer Lines

Hydrate or die

Remember the people: three, three, three, three. The average person can survive three minutes without air, three hours without shelter in a harsh environment, three days without water, and three weeks without food. So, assuming we’re not underwater and have a soft tent or another shelter handy, we need a solid water bottle, purification tablets and a portable water filter – in this case the LifeStraw, a cult product among survivors, hikers casuals and travelers.


LARQ PureVis 24oz bottle movement

Straw of life

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Potable water

Aqua drinking water purification tablets with PA Plus

We are not saying that you are a fugitive …

… But we don’t judge either. (After all, Someone had to free all the dolphins from SeaWorld.) Anyway, if you have to cross a border you will need your passport and vaccination card. Vaccine card protectors are also the it-bag of summer, so even if you don’t assemble a backpack, they’re still a crucial purchase for 2021 and beyond.


Vaccine card holder


CDC Vaccination Card Protector, Pack of 2

How else are you going to watch TikToks?

Seriously, you have to set your priorities. (TikTok, of course, is number one on the list.) Whether you’re just looking to charge your phone a few times or need to charge your vape, this HALO Bolt portable charger is for you. It also has a standard AC wall outlet, and according to the manufacturers it can literally start an SUV up to 96 times and a standard car up to 217 times. Which one, yeah. Savage.


HALO Bolt portable charger and car starter

In case you want to be caller number seven

Or, you know, find out how the apocalypse unfolds. These hand crank radios are great because they rely on human power, double as a flashlight, and triple as a portable charger. Fuck three birds at once, nahmsayin ‘?


Midland Weather Alert Radio


Emergency solar hand-crank radio

You are ready to splurge

If you’re really looking for top notch survival prep packs and tote bags, the JUDY pre-assembled kits are pretty much the top of the line. They are expensive, but they think of everything for you and store it in cute little bags and boxes. JUDY’s safe is a great starting point for home preparation – included survival essentials (designed to support a family of four for up to 72 hours) are stored in a water-resistant case and punctures, and you can store it in a basement or closet until you need it. The Protector from JUDY and the Seventy2 Life Support System from Uncharted Supply Co. are both ideal if you’re looking for a more mobile and compact situation, perfect for leaving in the car or near the door for a quick getaway.

Uncharted Supply Co.

Seventy2 life support system

Want more? You can always stock up high tech camping gear. Until then, go to the post-civilization commune.

The game room staff independently selected all of the items featured in this story.

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