Everything we know about Alligator Loki and why we’re obsessed


I’m late for the party. But that’s how Loki would like him. It seems to me someone who arrives in fashion late, if at all. Internet famous Alligator Loki, the darling of Loki on Disney +.

If you are reading this, you already knew that. You like Gator Loki. I love Gator Loki. Let’s talk about it.

In Loki’s fifth episode, “Journey into Mystery,” Gator Loki was one of the strangest things in a series that clearly prided itself on being the Marvel version of The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour. It’s totally different and psychedelic – and better for it. Gator Loki is the physical personification of Lokieccentricities. On a show where we saw Frog Thor (Throg), Lokis in love, and a sentimental talk on a jet ski, Gator Loki might be the strangest thing the show has ever gotten away with. The showrunners have tried it. And my God, it worked.

The alligator is an enigma that raises so many questions. Is this coming from an alternate timeline where ALL of the Avengers are animals? Can he enchant? Can he wield a dagger? Can he lie? Will we ever see him again? And, the biggest mystery: is he even a Loki?

“I know, but I want people to wonder,” Michael Waldron, Loki’s chief writer, told Marvel.com. “I want this to be the next big Marvel debate. Is Alligator Loki really a Loki or not?

Oh, you cunning member of the Crocodilia. You half-god and half-dinosaur. You are ridiculous, Roxxi, a wine-drinking reptile.

We see you. The respect.

And we understand that if we don’t show respect we will lose a hand. So… seriously: respect.

I would respect Gator Loki even more if he wasn’t actually a Loki. Its greatest commonalities are survivalism and the color green. Otherwise, he showed no power. He can’t even speak unless Classic Loki translates Alligator Loki’s unamused looks. But it did help him deliver high comedy in his supporting role. The muted cuts to his (no) reactions are perfect. And then there are the cutups of Gator Loki’s appearances set to music, which are #art.

Want to get even weirder? Find out what the actors must have seen when they were with him on stage. The actors were working with a stuffed animal with wide eyes.

Looks like director Kate Herron is really struggling with the appearance of Gator Loki: cute, cartoonish and cuddly or cold and calculated? It’s Loki. It must be the latter.

“We had a few early versions when we were doing visual effects that were probably a little too cute, in the sense that it looked a bit more like some kind of cartoon alligator,” Herron told Marvel.com. “But it just got funnier and funnier as it looked like a real alligator that wore horns. It was the perfect spot. Once we landed in that place where it looked like a real alligator, but with a slightly flippant kind of horns, that’s where we were like, “Oh, there he is.”


Now I know you want me to say that Gator Loki is better than Baby Yoda from the Star Wars universe and “Mandalorian” on Disney +. The conversation rages on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. Let’s not turn this into an ESPN episode First take. I am not here to be Stephen A. Smith with an anger invoking opinion. This is not the subject of Gator Loki. This is not the subject of Baby Yoda. My nuanced take is that they are both wonderful – and different.

Apples and oranges. Lokis and Yodas.

Am I right? (I am.)

It’s likely we’ve seen Gator Loki’s last one. He will live forever in The Void – and in our hearts. Farewell, sweet prince (s).

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