Every week 6 epic and legendary quest in Fortnite season 7


Fortnite Season 7 Week 6 features new epic and legendary quests to increase Battle Pass XP. This week, players will sabotage the aliens’ plans.

the Fortnite The epic and legendary quests for Season 7 of Week 6 have officially started, and each activity allows players to once again participate in the story of the alien invasion and work to stop intruders. During season 7 of Fortnite, players will want to earn as much XP as possible to upgrade the Battle Pass. Each time they level up, they will earn five Battle Stars, which are needed to unlock all of the Season 7 Battle Pass rewards. Complete epic and legendary quests in Fortnite rewards more XP towards the Battle Pass in addition to immersing players in the story.

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In week 6 of Fortnite Season 7, players will continue to sabotage the Alien invasion by using and destroying Alien technology. They will also escape the aliens and entice them to visit the farms. As in previous weeks, there are seven Epic Quests and six Legendary Quests to complete. Legendary quests will often be the most important to complete, as they will expire after a week. Players can earn 30,000 XP per Epic Quest they complete and between 15,000 and 45,000 XP per Legendary Quest. Here are all the epic and legendary quests for week 6 of Fortnite Season 7.

Every Epic and Legendary Quest in Week 6 of Fortnite Season 7

An Inflate-a-Bull in season 7 of Fortnite

Epic quests in week 6 of Fortnite Season 7 can be more difficult to complete than the previous weeks as a lot has to be completed in specific locations. This will make it difficult for players to complete multiple quests in a single match. It may be beneficial for players to land at these locations directly from the Battle Bus to improve their chances of completing challenges before opponents strike.

The epic quests of week 6 in Fortnite Season 7 is:

  • Collect Gold Bars (500)
  • Spend Gold Bars (500)
  • Destroy the equipment above the kidnappers (3)
  • Open chests or ammo boxes in low gravity areas (3)
  • Deploy Alien Nanites anywhere other than Holly Hatchery (3)
  • Destroy Alien Trees (5)
  • Plant saplings at Stumpy Ridge, Fork Knife Food Truck, or FN Radio (3)

Each Epic Quest rewards 30,000 XP, and most must be completed in the order they are given before the next in the questline is unlocked.

A week 6 alien artifact under alien trees in Fortnite season 7

Players may be able to coordinate a few of these quests to complete at least two in a single match. For example, if the quests are open at the same time, players can deploy an Alien Nanite outside of Holly Hatchery near chests or ammo boxes to create a low gravity area and then open those boxes to complete this challenge. . Additionally, they may be able to destroy alien trees and plant saplings in a single match, depending on where they go to complete this quest. Players can also try to move more easily by hijacking and flying a saucer around the Fortnite card, allowing them to travel much faster.

Like week 5, legendary week 6 Fortnite the challenges come straight from Dr Slone and begin with players receiving his orders from a pay phone. This questline allows players to participate in the story by helping Slone thwart Alien’s plans. Legendary quests will likely be a bit easier to complete, as the majority of them take place at or near the Corny complex and Hayseed’s farm.

Prepper Supply placement location highlighted during week 6 of Fortnite Season 7

Legendary quests for week 6 in Fortnite Season 7 includes:

Obtaining Slone orders from a pay phone earns 15,000 XP. Placing Preparation Supplies earns 45,000 XP. All other scenario quests are worth 30,000 XP. Each of these quests must be completed in the order they are given, making it harder for players to complete more than one or two in each match. Because they all take place near one location, players can use the pay phone at the bus station south of Hayseed’s Farm to begin the legendary quests. Then they should be able to place preparation supplies and deal damage in a single match.

Players should consider completing some or all of the Week 6 Epic and Legendary Quests in Fortnite Season 7 in Team Rumble mode. Since many players will likely be heading to the same locations to complete their challenges and earn their XP, it can be dangerous to enter high traffic areas during a regular match. Team Rumble mode allows players to respawn if they are eliminated, and most players start a match by completing their quests together, then play normally. The recent changes to Team Rumble have shocked fans and will make quests in this mode a bit more difficult, but players should ultimately have enough time to complete a few quests in each match.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android.

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