Every Halloween Movie, From Worst To Best, According To Ranker

While there are several great slasher franchises for fans to choose from, it’s hard to think what would have happened to the horror genre without it. Halloween. Rather than following a strict progression, the franchise has a number of reboots and retcons that allow it to try new things, using the iconic story as a basis for experimentation.

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Because the franchise is so convoluted, fans can look to others’ opinions to see which one they should start with, something they can find on private soldier. the Halloween the fandom is notoriously divided on which timelines and which guns are best, so it’s likely the rankings have changed a lot over time. While Ranker doesn’t explain why his readers ranked each movie the way they did, it is possible to comment on some trends in fan opinions.

12 Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Halloween: Resurrection follows the continuity of Halloween: H20, but undoes many of his best decisions. It is revealed that Michael set up someone to take the fall for him in the previous film, allowing him to finish off his sister for good and then take out a series of high school students trying to make a show. online horror.

While the barrel is convoluted in the Halloween franchise, undoing Michael’s breakthrough death and then killing the last daughter of the best slasher with very little fanfare doesn’t make much sense from a story perspective and is a bad way to keep the franchise going.

11 Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (2009)

Tyler Mane and Sheri Moon Zombie in Halloween 2 (2009).

Halloween 2 (2009) attempted to establish a deeper connection between Michael and Laurie, connecting them through dreams and hallucinations. The movie tries to push the idea that killer and victim aren’t so different after all, a take that many fans found distasteful.

The characters are largely uninteresting, and the symbology is wildly different from what fans of the franchise tend to prefer. When the sequel was first announced, Rob Zombie claimed he had no intention of directing it because he didn’t have the energy, and maybe he would have been best to stick to that.

ten Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Michael Myers Producers Cut Michael Myers' Halloween Curse

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers transports the slasher franchise into the supernatural realm, a move hugely controversial among fans. Additionally, the plot follows Michael trying to kill his niece’s baby, who has been force imbued, a plot that is both convoluted and horrifying.

Some fans may find the entry valuable due to its explanation of why Michael continues to survive, as well as why he seems so focused on killing his family members. However, most can’t get past how insane the storyline is, and the existence of multiple different versions with startlingly different endings makes it hard to rank this higher.

9 Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

Halloween 3 is a horror sequel that certainly deserves more attention, but it lacks the elements that audiences associate with Halloween films, namely Michael Myers and his family. The creators wanted to make the franchise a horror anthology, so this plot breaks away from the franchise’s slasher roots to include androids and witches.

While there are certainly worse movies in the franchise, new fans can be forgiven for thinking they’ve acquired a mislabeled movie when they sit down to watch. Halloween 3. There’s no real connection to the franchise beyond the name, leading many fans to ignore it altogether.

8 Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers

Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers brings back the conflict between Michael and his niece Jaime, only this time they have a telepathic bond. Jaime and Dr. Loomis work together to stop Michael, and the public is once again called upon to support the little girl as she flees pure evil.

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Although it is one of the most creative Halloween the movies in regards to death scenes, characters, sound design, and storyline leave a lot to be desired, which is hugely disappointing considering how many fans loved its predecessor.

7 Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007)

Halloween Rob Zombie Remake

Halloween (2007) was a fairly standard remake of the 1978 classic, but rather than following every beat of the original, Rob Zombie’s version delved deeper into why Michael was drawn to murder.

Although fans didn’t rate it as one of their favorite movies, they certainly didn’t rate it as the worst. The idea that Michael was Laurie’s brother originally came from the 1981 sequel Halloween 2 but is far more prominent in the remakes, a fact fans tend to either love or hate.

6 Halloween Kills (2021)

Michael Myers in Halloween Kills

halloween kills is set directly after Halloween (2018), setting up a perfect double feature full of returning legacy characters. As Laurie and her family try to recover from Michael’s attacks, Tommy Doyle and other 1978 survivors try to stop Michael for good after he escapes Laurie’s house fire.

This installment in the franchise is a successful slasher, but it sort of gets lost when it comes to the connection between Laurie and Michael. While many franchise sequels struggle to figure out the plot, they at least try to advance the connection between the franchise’s two main characters, which this movie could use more of.

5 Halloween H20: 20 years later (1998)

Halloween H2O Michael Myers

Halloween H20 brought back Laurie Strode after her absence in the last three movies, a move that helped cement Laurie as one of horror’s best final girls. The film takes place 20 years after the events of Halloween and Halloween 2and while Laurie seems to have built a great life for herself, all of that is threatened when Michael returns.

This setup sees Laurie transform from victim to fighter, which fans really loved. This movie had a gripping story that really added to the Halloween mythos, but complications with the sound design left the film’s identity confusing.

4 Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers

Halloween IV follows Michael’s attempts to kill his niece, Jaime, with Dr. Loomis standing against him. This movie is absolutely full of violence, as almost anyone who tries to stand between Michael and Jaime is eliminated. Eventually, Michael is defeated, only for Jaime to reveal his own murderous side.

Fans love the atmosphere and aesthetic of this film and have called it the best sequel to the Halloween franchise. Michael Myers is really scary in this episode, as is the idea that the cycle will repeat itself with young Jaime. It would have been a solid conclusion for the franchise if only the film industry had let it rest.

3 Halloween (2018)

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween 2018

Halloween (2018) is set forty years after the original, discarding all sequels from canon, and shows the psychological damage done to Laurie by the original murders. She’s become a paranoid survivor, which comes in handy when Michael escapes on a prison transport and returns to Haddonfield to finish what he started.

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The production quality of this film is the best in the franchise, and many fans feel that its plot lives up to the original.

2 Halloween 2 (1981)

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween 2 (1981).

Halloween 2 picks up directly after the conclusion of the first film, featuring Michael Myers attempting to finish off Laurie while she is in the hospital. Michael survives a number of seemingly fatal injuries and leaves gruesome bodies in his wake, leading to a final showdown with Laurie and Dr. Loomis.

The story is consistent with its predecessor and, despite introducing the plot that Laurie is Michael’s long-lost sister, largely avoids the controversial choices of its successors. The cinematography and score are excellent, and it only comes in second place because it’s nearly impossible to top an original.

1 Halloween (1978)

Early Halloween Tracks (1978).

It would be impossible for any other film to reach the heights of John Carpenter’s original classic, both on the basis of the film’s merit and its influence on horror going forward. The film features Michael Myers, Laurie Strode and Dr. Loomis, all iconic horror characters, as they come together in a mighty clash of good versus evil, death versus survival.

The movie was groundbreaking in its time, and while it certainly suffered with age, it still stands as a solid slasher worthy of its fame. The film has a strong story that was only enhanced by its amazing cinematography and score, and there really isn’t much negative to say about it.

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