Equipped: The Ultimate Worst-Case Survival Kit

Ever since I started driving at 16, my dad has always insisted that I have an emergency bag in the back of my vehicle. Being in Ohio at the time, that bag usually consisted of jumper cables, a knife, a few cans of beans, bulky coats, snow pants, and brown sugar Pop Tarts for a pick-me-up. I may have read too many survival memoirs, but after living in the mountains for almost 20 years, my bug out kit has become much more robust.

With a mission statement of “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst,” Uncharted Supply prides itself on its ability to access adventure safely. The Founder’s vision came from being stuck in a blizzard on a Colorado highway (which many of us here can attest to) and seeing dozens of people stranded and hunkered down for a cold night. From this disaster was born the idea of ​​a compact survival system, complete and accessible to all.

The SEVENTY2 Survival System is a complete 72 hour survival kit created and tested by experts such as medics, first responders, special forces operators and mountain guides. There are systems available for 1-4 people with a handful of different options for how items are housed.

For an even niftier piece of kit, Uncharted Supply has teamed up with The Decked Company, maker of custom drawer systems for adventure vehicles, to pack the items into a beefy, military-grade bag. This is the system I tested. Interestingly enough, I found out that Decked manufactures all of its products in Defiance, Ohio, about 30 minutes from where I grew up. The D-Bag is designed to fit perfectly into their bespoke drawers, but is also ideal as a stand-alone carrier.

The bag is a versatile, hybrid soft and hard shell that is water resistant with straps that can convert to a backpack, briefcase or shoulder strap. Easy-grip aluminum handles are on both ends and a reinforced lid makes for a sturdy bag that won’t tear. The best feature is the horseshoe access panel that fully opens the bag’s main compartment with glove-friendly zipper pulls. On the back of this pull tab is a large panel outlining all of the kit items along with medical instructions. Each of the many items is organized into easy-to-find packets with information clearly marked on the outside.

For this particular kit, Decked has added the portable Zeus power station which serves as a jump starter, USB charger or flashlight (although there is already a separate flashlight in the main kit). With 20,000 mAh, it can even jump big trucks. This little box gives me so much peace of mind when I’m on the go in a sparse civilization. However, you should always remember to keep it charged before you go, otherwise it will be useless.

The price for this whole setup is steep to say the least, but the potential salvage capabilities, in-depth organization, and peace of mind it brings help justify those extra pennies. Let’s just hope you never have to use it.

Decked X Uncharted D-Bag is available on decked.com for $650. Uncharted has its other 72 hour survival systems at unchartedsupplyco.com for $399-730.

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