Emergency Preparedness Products for the Farm or the “Evacuation Bag”



Sawyer Tap Water Filter

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s to be prepared. From massive wildfires on the West Coast to frozen pipes in Texas, from a catastrophic derecho in Iowa to huge Nor’easters and hurricanes, the weather has become increasingly changeable, volatile and unpredictable. And, in many cases, infrastructure and government response to disasters, vulnerable or missing.

While our fully solar-powered farm, combined with a wood-burning stove for winter heating, may make us complacent, we realize that it’s impossible to predict the next turn of events in what appears to be. the reality of Kunstler’s long emergency. My wife, Lisa Kivirist, and my son Liam, and I are no strangers to disaster preparedness. We always have our supply of water bottles, flashlights and other emergency lights, and even a solar powered backpack for our trips. We have several solar ovens that we use almost every day during the warmer seasons to bake our zucchini bread or reheat leftovers; in an emergency situation in good weather, they can purify our water and cook our meals at any time of the year.

But we are always looking for something new, to be better prepared. Ready for everything. Here are some of our latest findings. Like the survivors, we prioritize water, shelter, electricity and food. While some people might think of “essential services” like a delivery person or a healthcare professional, we realize that life can be turned upside down without water or electricity – and it could be just an ice storm.

Sawyer Faucet Filter Water Filtration System

For millions of Americans living in Texas and other southern states in 2021, clean water has become a vital necessity – after a deep freeze completely shut down the power grid and froze pipes. The Sawyer faucet filter, capable of filtering up to 500 gallons per day, provides a fast, easy-to-use and highly efficient solution to filtering water during boil-water alerts, hurricanes or other natural disasters, or even when traveling abroad and local sources of water may not be reliably safe.


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