Domed house for sale outside Rolla with grass airstrip

ROLLA, Missouri – Nestled in a heavily wooded area just south of Rolla, Missouri is a wonderfully odd home that has come up for sale on the local real estate market.

This secluded geodesic dome, located on a dirt and gravel road off Highway O, could be perfect for an amateur astronomer, hunter, pilot or, if we want to be imaginative, someone who prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

The dome was built in 2003, but the main and upper floors are mostly incomplete, providing a blank canvas for the next owner. There is a finished basement, complete with a living room, bedroom and bathroom.

The giant triangle-shaped windows allow plenty of light to fill the ground floor of the house. A ladder on the upper level leads to a gazebo at the top of the dome, allowing a perfect 365° view of the surrounding woods.

There are two large outbuildings on the property, as well as a hangar and a long grass airstrip

The 173.5 acre property has been on the market for over 60 days as of this writing. The Matt Smith Real Estate Group is responsible for listing.

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