Did you pay attention? The 2021 TV quiz

10. What untreated illness temporarily left media mogul Logan Roy delirious Succession? (a) Urinary tract infection, (b) Gout, (c) Takeover of a hostile company, (d) COVID-19.

11. Which of these Marvel superheroes hasn’t had a Disney + series this year? (a) Loki, (b) Falcon, (c) Black Widow, (d) Hawkeye?

The royal right-wing mess of the media dynasty of Succession. Credit:HBO / Foxtel

12. Which British political commentator was kicked out of Australia before he could appear on Big Brother VIP?

13. Which expatriate Australian actor is the star of FBI: most wanted?

14. Who broadcast Oprah with Meghan and Harry in Australia?

15. What Australian star from Vikings was one of the leaders of New Golden Mountain?

16. Which prominent radio DJ recorded a song about the pro-COVID-19 vaccination this year? (a) Patricia Karvelas, (b) Neil Mitchell, (c) Kyle Sandilands, (d) Ray Hadley.

17. Which Australian city became an American metropolis in Netflix Click bait?

18. Which of these stars was not in Nine Perfect Strangers? (a) Bobby Cannavale, (b) Debra Messing, (c) Asher Keddie, (d) Luke Evans.

19. Which British actor is playing the main role in Jane Campion’s Netflix movie? The power of the dog?

20. Who replaced Samantha Armytage as co-host of Sunrise?

Adam Liaw has been exceptionally busy in 2021.

Adam Liaw has been exceptionally busy in 2021.Credit:SBS

21. Who won The masked singer Australia and what costume were they wearing?

22. Which actress won an Emmy for her performance as a seasoned American comedian and Las Vegas icon in Hacks?

23. Which Australian actor played the harassed resort manager in The white lotus?

24. Which Australian program won the award for best drama series at the recent AACTA Awards?

25. What is the name of the building in Only the murders in the building?

This Way Up star designer Aisling Bea (left) with Sorcha Cusack and Sharon Horgan.

This Way Up star designer Aisling Bea (left) with Sorcha Cusack and Sharon Horgan.

26. What state did volunteer firefighters Tash and Mott come from? Fires?

27. What is the name of Ray Shoesmith’s daughter in Mr. in-between?

28. What US state is in Easttown mare together?

29. Which Melbourne Bayside suburb was the setting for the 2021 season of The block?

30. What is the name of the ABC show hosted by Wil Anderson and Jan Fran which debuted in 2021?

31. Whose departure as host of the ABC Questions and answers was announced in July?

32. What is the name of the English football team Ted Lasso coaches?

33. Who is Roy’s older brother in Succession?

Osher Gunsberg with one of the many outrageously dressed performers from The Masked Singer.

Osher Gunsberg with one of the many outrageously dressed performers from The Masked Singer.Credit:Nigel wright

34. In which city is the American police drama set? Stumptown together?

35. Name the three current judges on MasterChef Australia.

36. What is the profession of Aine (Aisling Bea) in This way up?

37. What is the name of the family in It’s us?

38. Who plays the local police chief, Del Harris, in American rust?

39. Which Australian television icon, affectionately known as “Moonface”, passed away in October?

40. In which country the finale of the third season for Succession take place?

41. Who could Jackie O have identified this year? The masked singer – But no ?

42. Which two actors animated Make Australia?

43. What is the name of the “queen of crafts” who judged the guest do it in episode nine?

44. What was the name of Russell T. Davies’ drama about the AIDS crisis in London in the 1980s?

45. What show is Davies returning to as a showrunner in 2022?

46. ​​Which of these actors didn’t play The Doctor? (a) Tom Baker, (b) Colin Baker, (c) Jodie Whittaker, (d) Jodie Comer?

47. Rutherford Falls was a collaboration between Sierra Teller Ornelas, Ed Helms and Michael Schur. What other comedy do they have in common?

48. The Mayor of Perth participated in the AFL Grand Final this year. What is his name?

Ed Helms in Rutherford Falls.

Ed Helms in Rutherford Falls.Credit:Colleen Hayes / Peacock

49. Who did he forget to let talk at the end of the match?

50. Olympian Jana Pittman has qualified for the final three of this year SAS Australia. What is his day job?

51. Which actor played in these three dramas this year: Total control, Fire bite, and RFDS?

52. What other actor has appeared in three dramas this year: Five bedrooms, The news reader, and RFDS?

53. In which town in the New South Wales hinterland was RFDS filmed?

54. What city in the Queensland hinterland was Survivor Australia filmed?

Hamish Blake and Ryan

Hamish Blake and Ryan “Brickman” McNaught with the coveted Lego Masters Trophy.Credit:New Entertainment

55. How many episodes of Cooking with Adam Liaw projected this year?

56. Can you name two other cooking shows that Liaw appeared on regularly in 2021?

57. Name the presenter, the word expert and mathematician that appear on Celebrity letters and numbers.

58. Who won Lego Masters This year?

59. What was the name / theme of their winning creation?

60. Which celebrity won the Lego Masters Bricksmas special?


1. Guy Pearce and Angourie rice

2. Rob Riggle

3. Fran Kelly

4. Grant the refusal

5. Matt Doran

6. Macedonian Jesus

7. The bassoon

8. 456

9. Clive Owen

10. Urinary tract infection

11. Black Widow was a movie, not a TV series.

12. Katie Hopkins

13. Julian McMahon

14. Network Ten

15. Alyssa Sutherland

16. Kyle Sandilands

17. Melbourne

18. Debra Messing

19. Benedict Cumberbatch

20. Nathalie Barr

21. Anastacia as a vampire

22. Jean Smart

23. Murray Bartlett

24. The news reader

25. L’Arconie

26. Queensland

27. Brittany

28. Pennsylvania

29. Hampton

30. Question everything

31. Hamish Macdonald

32. AFC Richmond

33. Connor (Alan Ruck)

34. Portland, Oregon

35. Jock Zonfrillo, Andy Allen and Melissa Leong

36. English teacher

37. Pearson

38. Jeff Daniels

39. Bert Newton

40. Italy

41. Kyle Sandilands

42. Susie Youssef, Harley Breen

43. Tonia Todman

44. It’s a sin

45. Doctor Who

46. ​​Jodie Comer

47. Brooklyn nine nine

48. Basil Zempilas

49. Simon Goodwin, the winning coach

50. Doctor of medicine

51. Rob Collins

52. Steve Peacocke.

53. Broken Hill

54. Cloncurry

55. 185

56. Good Food Kitchen, Adam and Poh’s Malaysia in Australia

57. Michael Hing, David Astle, Lily Serna

58. David and Gus

59. The forest

60. Brooke Boney.

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