Death Stranding Director’s Cut: The Most Interesting Cameos


Death Stranding is a unique game, and the Director’s Cut only makes it even stronger. During Sam Bridges’ trek across America, he can meet many colorful characters, mostly preppers, people who have created their own shelters. These characters would tell Sam stories of the world, but more than anything, they were mostly real-life individuals who crept in as not-so-subtle cameos.

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A lot of people knew that preppers were cameos, although you might not have recognized many of them, especially since almost none of them used their real vocals. Some are interesting, some unexpected, and one is even controversial, and yet they all seem to match. So, in no particular order, here are some of the more interesting cameos.

Edgar Wright, (Thomas Sutherland in play)

DS Edgar Wright Cameo real portrait and in-game hologram

While not a trainer himself, Thomas Sutherland, who can be found in one of the game’s many distribution centers, is himself one of the few cameos posing as a member of the game. Bridges staff. The cameo itself is by English director Edgar Wright.

Edgar Wright has directed many popular British films, many of which star Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, such as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, as well as well-known American films like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Baby Driver. Given that Kojima calls himself the director, this one seems fitting.

Daichi Miura, the musician

DS Daichi Miura Cameo real portrait and in-game hologram

In the starting area of ​​the expansive world of Death Stranding, you may meet a somewhat aloof prepper known as the Musician, who offers Sam a harmonica to use in his journey and frequently philosophizes about the power of music. . This prepper is the aptly named cameo of Japanese musician Daichi Miura.

A popular musician, he is most recently known for his work on Kamen Rider, having produced an opening and ending theme for the series and film. Death Stranding himself uses music quite frequently to intensify emotional moments, so a well-known musician who praises the power of music seems a perfect complement.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director

DS Jordan Vogt-Roberts Cameo real portrait and in-game hologram

Deeper into the game in an area filled with rugged landscapes and hot springs, you may encounter a prepper known as the Director. They offer a glimpse into old movies and their own obsession with them. Agrees then, that they are director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

Vogt-Roberts has a somewhat more personal relationship with Kojima. Although he is currently known to have directed Kong: Skull Island, he has previously shown admiration for Kojima and is currently directing the movie Metal Gear Solid, in which Kojima has also expressed his interest. So her appearance is again incredibly appropriate.

Hermen Hulst, the craftsman

DS Hermen Hulst Cameo real portrait and in-game hologram

One of the first people players will encounter once they reach the Western Region is the Craftsman, who, among other gadgets, offers players the Bola Pistol, allowing them to engage in non-combat scenarios. lethal from a distance. But in a notable trend in the naming, the Craftsman is named after Hermen Hulst, former CEO of Guerilla Games and current head of PlayStation Studios.

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A major part of the development of Death Stranding has been the use of Guerilla’s Decima engine that they used to create Horizon: Zero Dawn. This cameo can therefore be seen as a tribute, a way of paying tribute to the use of the Decima engine.

Mala Morgan, the chiral artist

DS Mala Morgan Cameo real portrait and in-game hologram

Some of the more distinct interactions of the Prepper in the game are those between the Junk Dealer, the Chiral Artist, and the Chiral Artist’s mother. They involve an emotional story binding the three together that evolves over the course of the game, with some even changing the shelters in which they reside.

What makes this much more distinct is the presence of actor Mala Morgan as a chiral artist. Unlike almost every other prep in the game, she physically appears in the world and is both styled and performed on her own. There is a tangible feeling with her that preppers are real people and not just holograms. Sorry, chiralgrams.

Geoff Keighley, Ludens Fan

DS Geoff Keighley Cameo real portrait and in-game hologram

In a cameo appearance that probably surprised absolutely no one, the presence of Ludens fan Geoff Keighley. Ludens is the mascot of Kojima Productions, so having the biggest Kojima fan playing a fan in the game feels like a fate destined for Keighley.

While he probably doesn’t need to be featured, Keighley is known to host the Game Awards, as well as other game shows throughout the year. In the past, he has worked on video game documentaries known as The Final Hours, documenting the eventful final stages in the development of a game to be released, such as on Metal Gear Solid 2 and, more recently, Half-Life. Alyx.

Junji Ito, the engineer

DS Junji Ito Cameo real portrait and in-game hologram

The cameo least likely to have been named after its actual counterpart (unless you’re really stretching the definition) is the engineer. They offer Sam and the Power Skeleton smoke grenades, so clearly, they’re an engineer in the world of Death Stranding. But in reality? This character is none other than Junji Ito.

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Junji Ito is the famous manga artist behind many horror works such as Uzumaki and Tomie, with his distinctive art style known just as well as his horror writing and amazingly fitted cat with a skull pattern on his fur. . Given the horror roots of Death Stranding and Ito himself stating that he might be going to help Kojima in Silent Hills, it makes sense that he would appear in the game.

Conan O’Brien, the wandering MC

DS Conan O'Brien real portrait and in-game hologram

One of the most interesting preppers in the game is the cosplayer – at least that’s what the game makes you believe until you are properly introduced to the right main character of this prepper shelter, the Wandering MC. Dressed head to toe in an otter-style outfit, this is the unexpected cameo from American talk show host Conan O’Brien.

For frankly unknown reasons, O’Brien is featured in Death Stranding with both his own likeness and his own voice, as is the chiral artist. For some reason, it seems like he’s portraying himself. To enhance the strangeness of his appearance, he’s kind enough to give you your own otter hood to help get you to safety, should the need arise. Yes.

Hirozaku Hamamura, the collector

DS Hirozaku Hamamura Cameo real portrait and in-game hologram

Certainly the most controversial addition to the game is the Collector. Designed in the game as an appreciator of old games and consoles, he is actually known as Hirozaku Hamamura, former editor of Famitsu, a Japanese game critic.

This was concerning enough before the game’s release, but after Famitsu gave the game a perfect score, alarms were set off for some people. Many thought the incident was a thin line between paying homage to someone who had worked in games for so long, and maybe just getting a little bit of a favor.

Sam Lake, veteran Porter

DS Sam Lake real portrait cameo and in-game hologram

To top it off, veteran Porter, found in a slightly awkward section of the Central Region mountains, somewhere between the snow-capped peaks and rockier slopes of the weather station. They tell how they worked for Bridges before they retired. But of course, there is more to them. They look familiar. Is that Max Payne? No, but quite close.

Veteran Porter is Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment, creators of Max Payne, Alan Wake and most recently Control. Many of Lake’s stories are written with a sort of surrealism, and her name is also well known for writing video game stories.

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