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Fear the Walking Dead The zombie sub spin-off special appeared for free to stream online. AMC Networks produced all six parts of Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water available to watch on YouTube, downloading it from the official website Walking Dead channel to watch in six mini-episodes: “Something Bad”, “A Good Sailor”, “Do What Needs Doing”, “Incoming”, “We Have Orders” and “This Ain’t It”. The free version comes a month later Dead in the water created exclusively for subscribers to the AMC+ streaming service as a 41-minute special, a prequel aboard the USS Pennsylvania submarine featured in Fears Season 6 and 7.

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water returns to the eve of the apocalypse, where a conflicted officer and new father (Nick Stahl) fights for his survival just as the apocalypse strikes. The shipmates turn around one by one without any explanation, and the USS Pennsylvania becomes a death trap, nuclear fueled and filled with walkers with no way out.

The full special is now available to watch for free in six parts on YouTube or as a single episode on AMC+.

Stahl resumes his Fear Season 6 role as Riley, the future disciple of “The End is the Beginning” cult leader Teddy Maddox (John Glover), leading a cast that includes Jason Francisco Blue (Dynasty) as Pierce, Garrett Graham (Day 5) as Ginger, Emmett Hunter (american horror story) as Renwick, and Jay Gutierrez (Line) like Alvarez.

Fear TWD showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg serve as executive producers Dead in the water, installed aboard the nuclear submarine stranded off the coast of Galveston, Texas, where Riley and Teddy launched the missiles turning the Lone Star State into ground zero for the nuclear zombie apocalypse. Series producer Kenneth Requa is directing the spin-off special written by Jacob Pinion (Fear webisode series The Althea Bandsseason 7 episodes “Cindy Hawkins” and “Sonny Boy”).

New episodes of Fear the living dead Season 7 airs Sundays on AMC and AMC+ until June 5. To follow @CameronBonomolo on Twitter & @NewsOfTheDead for season-long coverage of TWD Universe.

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